I am exceptional.
And definitely NOT
Just because my
Mother, says so—

I am exceptional as
I spread my wings
Flying higher than
Bald eagles.

I am exceptional
As I exponentially
Raise the bar higher
And higher—
Demanding with
Conviction from
Hours and hours
Of time spent
That I am—exceptional.

I am exceptional.
It shows from the glow
That rest upon—post,
Marking the target,
Setting the goal,
Moving forward with
Passion, to conquer
showing no fear.

I am exceptional.
And no, it’s not just
Cuz my momma
Told me so…

I am exceptional.
From the soles of my
Feet, through the wiggle
Of each toe; Exceptional
I am while I declare
And give command—
Thank God Almighty,
“I’m free at last” and
that most certainly
most absolutely, and
astutely means that—



This I know…?

It is so this I know for
What, I said what?
The Bible tells me so
No seriously before
I digress let tell you
How elated, this sen-
Sation has been created
No longer frustrated
Just thanking God, seriously
For the win…

For this I know,
I’m not just telling
You so, last days
Begat new days, creating
Better and newer
More befitting of your
Inner being passionate
Baring just seeking
Brand new fresh
Letting me know, just
Thanking God for telling

I’m telling you this
I know I KNOW
Blah blah blah blah
Blah blah blah…
I mean really, let
Me STATE this more
Begat new days creating
Luxury in how
ME….just thanking
God, for showing

Now see this here
You…have no fear
Because Gods MERCY
Is REAL…bountiful
And plenty, I feel Him
Justly smiling on me
I mean in me, I mean
From me? Hmph just
Thanking God, for
His will I know…


A couple of days ago Steve Harvey Tweeted “I know God ain’t through with me yet. I am not perfect. I am just trying to do the best I can.” [RANDOM, right–I know] I love this because I think it’s relate-able. Since I’ve started this “pre-cleanse” I have definitely messed up a few times but hey I keep trying and do my best every day and it has become easier since the start because I think I’m 100 percent true to the commitment and dedication to where spiritual growth may possibly lead me in regard to me soaring heights higher than I ever dreamed…#thatisall

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



We all want happiness, right? I came across a script I want to share with you all… “a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Proverbs 13:19 –what a beautiful scripture that is…I found this little love book and I was looking through the pages and stopped when I came across the page discussing the 7 requirements for happiness.  As I read them I thought wow I want all those things and all those things definitely make me happy – so I’m now sharing them with you wishing you happiness in the attainment of these 7 things.

According to Mark & Debra Laser there are 7 requirements for happiness

The Seven Universal Desires (in which God created us with):

1.       The desire to be heard and understood

2.       The desire to be affirmed

3.       The desire to be blessed

4.       The desire to be safe

5.       The desire to be touched

6.       The desire to be chosen

7.       The desire to be included

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


¡pWrite…The Wake up

I was in a constant struggle to wake up early in the morning.  Rather than hitting snooze until 7am – I’ve been successful thus far despite the fact that I’ve been going to bed later than normal.  However, morning mediation is better than evening mediation because it kind of sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I’d like to try to shave 10 minutes off so that I can get more things done in the morning rather than once I get off work at 6pm or later [because really how often do I really leave on time?]. This way I can also insure that I have breakfast not just mediate [in addition] to my normal morning task.  Last week I was up at 7am or after so things are already looking up – first thing I do is hit my iTunes remote control thru my iPhone and then turn the dial on the heat up before I get on the floor for mediation on big pillows.  I am certain that once the pattern is adapted I’ll be able to do this with ease.

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


¡pWrite…love series

I haven’t been having Starbucks…I actually haven’t been “needing” it…I only drink it [it seems] as something to do…or maybe it’s because my vitamin D levels are rising and I’m not feeling so awfully tired. Either way…the Starbucks [fast] is going well.

Over the weekend I found several poems that I’ve written over the years that I’ve never posted on my blog…so over the next few weeks I’ll begin posting these poems in what I will refer to as “The Love Series” – These poems will consist of love, happiness, confusion of love and even hurt – but I want you all to know that these poems are not a reflection of the way I am currently feeling. They are [indeed] of feelings I had in the past…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



hmph, my temple
is my sanctum, at
peace not free, for
this temple, you see
it doesn’t out right
belong to me, it was
entrusted to me
to be treated with
respect and lots of care
so as this temple
is blessed, I try to
keep out all mess,
sometimes I fail, but
my temple, I mean,
this temple, is still
my sanctum, it’s
still our home…

¡pWrite…working it out

I’m up bright and early this morning feeling great. I feel accomplished getting up earlier than I need to because I am able to get things done that I don’t particular care to do after I get home from work everyday.

The workouts have being going great…I know it’s only been 2 days this week [that have past] but Monday I indulged in some kick boxing! Man, is that class a lil’ beast. Last night I decided to do some Total Body Conditioning…whew am I sore this morning…day 2 effects from the Kick boxing and then I added “insult” to injury…But it feels good [despite the hurt].

I think mentally I am now 100% committed to the [non]use of sugar…I feel good inside…now to totally adapt to the meditating…it’s a work in progress to say the least…be blessed yall…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

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¡pWrite…Just know…

I love rediscovering my inner self through the music that truly speaks volumes to my heart and soul…I meditated on this song by Dr. Marvin Sapp. The words are simple, but have more power than you [any believer] can feel the profound spirit moving in this song…the words of the chorus are as follows: “Just know he has his hands on you…he has his hands on you. he said he’ll see you through…and when you cry he’s holding you…so you can just lift your hands up high…for he will provide…just know he has his hands on you…”

After meditating I had to sing this from my soul a few times so that I could produce the piece I share [below] with you…I really appreciate your readership! Your TIME is valued greatly!

Love, unconditional
Love no human, other
Than a mother truly knows
But this love it is, stems from
The creator with messages
In tow…so believe the
Words here you see

With peace grace and mercy
Task less desired, unwanted
For sure, questioning, for
There’s a lack of understanding
In his plans for you, sad
Instead of happy when you
Are rich in his love…what
Shall you do? I ask, again…
What shall you do?

Just know…

His hands are there on you
Just trust, his love
Will see you through
In your tears, he’s
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide

Don’t forget…he said don’t fret
Don’t worry my friend, never
more will you bare, more than
too much for you…

Just trust, his love
His hands are there on you
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide
In your tears, he
Will see you through

Sorrow no more, for there he
is holding you, wiping your
face dry from the pain
you know deep inside

His hands are there on you
Just trust, his love
Will see you through
In your tears, he’s
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide

Just Know…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



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Gods Peace

it is Gods peace that I seek
this peace, surpasses any
understanding that I need

Peace like the calming
of a rapid and rough
sea, Gods peace you
see, it relaxes me

a spirit calmed is a
spirit that runs deep
even abundantly so
i tell this to you, as
i practice it for me

Seek Gods peace for
the relaxation of your
spirits needs, and I
promise, your soul
will be complete, filled
and at all ease…

Souls Climax (Monday Poetry Potluck)

This week’s theme is Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality – I picked up my pen and started writing and this is what I created –surely a twist I didn’t expect but I enjoy the way it turned out and I hope you all do as well.

Peaceful are the sounds
of his heart beating against mine
Calming is the current
of his energy when I
can’t calm mine

Relaxing are the
emotional waves
that drive me to
swim to emotional
ecstasy, wanting
to ride the roller
coaster, just 1 more

Spiritually climactic is
knowing your soul
is destined to join
with mine

So peacefully, relaxed
I await the day
we finally meet and
feel compete as
peace relaxes,
our spiritually soars…

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