Distinctly Distinctable

By distinction I’m weak for
The softness the fullness
How sweetly kissable
Those lips are…

By Distinction electricity
Shocks me when magically
You kiss me

By distinction blindly
I’ll tell you just whose
Distinctly recognizable
Lips just kissed me

By Distinction your kisses
Magically arouse me
Making me feel distinctly
Things no other mans kisses
Have ever made me feel


as i think i remember to – E,
i mean how do u forget – X,
am i biting my lip? hmm – H,
wow, was that really it?? – A,
yes, i must say, real soft – L,
i am sure it was just rite – E,
oh, pleeeaaasse, remember to breathe!
after, u inhale, and realize
its ur breath thats held
please, remember that u…must!
E-X- H-A-L-E – yes, exhale!
not to impose that u dont feel ill-composed
by that moment that just transposed
maybe a lil juxtaposed, even bare and exposed
just after u inhale and remember
its your breath thats held,
simply dont forget to later
realize with regret that u forgot,
in that moment to E-X-H-A-L-E-
oh, yes i do, dare to continue to share
as a memory traces back, surely with out fright
as she enjoyed that moment,
oh so right until she inhaled
and it was simply her breath, she held
all becuz she suddenly forgot
with a second of thoughts that
she too needs to E-X-H-A-L-E-


damn if only u could be…
even would be…my man
I’d take u to levels, even heights unseen
might even, seem, like it’s
somethig of a terrestrial being
but, me, being all that i be…
would be exactly – what u need 2
take u to ecstasy…oh, i say me…
oh, me…oh… me. Oh, me!
damn, if only u could see it
u, not just me – that holds to heart – all –
that makes this fantasy, be, what it be
open ur mind, but…close ur eyes
and let me bring to u ur fantasy that lives
deep within me
damn can u hear my call
damn can u feel my cry
damn can u share all the passions
that drive me wild
man oh man damn if only it could be
damn, i mean damn
more than just a mental unlived
joyus hmph mental fantasy
damn damn damn
no words left to express…just simply put
all i can say is damn…man…damn!

His Master Piece

it’s the deepness of his brown
the smile that draws you in,
sista, I tell you, this art work
just welcomes, even sucks
you in…

it’s the structure of his stature
the definition that sets the tone
his strength never stops
turning me on

it’s the fullness of his lips
that creates the silkiness in
my lower hips, I’m feigning him
like he’s my drug and I’m his addict

it’s the look in his eyes, when that
dark brown meets with mine,
the pureness of his soul, I see,
every time he’s looking back at me

it’s the real beauty he holds
and carries so bold, his swagger
is something sexy that words
can’t explain, when it sets in
and warms me, I’m never cold

it’s the art work of him
that creates this priceless
master piece, that all of
me recognizes him to be…

His Sexy Appeal…

From the bottom to the top
there is not one spot of him
that doesn’t make me hot

I get weak in the knees
when he breathes me in
I inhale his ectasy
when he’s near me

His strong arms pull
me in and he holds me close
he sleeps so somberly
while he intentionally holds me

when he caresses my skin
his every touch fills me with
love not lust, as I watch
him I simply take a mental
memory of him with me

From the fullness of his lips
to the definitions of his arms
from that sexy pelvic V, I know
his body is calling out to me

When he smiles, I smile
with nothing but astounding joy
if I could hold on forever
I would never let him go
he and I would be together
loving one another until
the end of forever…