This commonality thats thought
or ought to be sought & caught
between you and me has brought
some confussion of an illusion of
what a reality that is shared, compared
comprised all before sunrise, let it
all arise in question, as I formulate
my metaphors because, maybe,
you really do adore the way she smiles
or the way she laughs and the
gaze that allures you in her eyes
that you’ve deemed to be such a
delightful surprise — but to her
this is new — she wonders
if any of it is true — or just a
commonality that ought to
be sought becuz its brought
between you and me…

Like, INTEREST — Anticipating INTELLECT

Like a simile, I’ll reference thee

in a form that’s not like to shatter

but to be more, similar to…

the pleasure, congenial, agreeable

regard of favor, that makes both

you and I, inclined to feel

the power of such exciting concern,

the involvement in a matter of

primary interest, as you tell me

that you like my intellect


possessing with capacity, you-

profoundly found with pure ability

to think so abstractly, creating

an expectation of hop, like in music

when a tone, introduced before hand

lets just call it in advance

of its harmony, so that it sounds

against its proceeding chord–maybe just note


a person who uses

the mind to think so creatively

continually the stimuli between

our minds leaves, slight impressions,

foretaste, realization that there is

definitely some anticipation


the previous notion would suggest

simply that you like my intellect

as you anticipate — await with intuition

of what may possibly come to fruition

after only our second — surprise date