Distinctly Distinctable

By distinction I’m weak for
The softness the fullness
How sweetly kissable
Those lips are…

By Distinction electricity
Shocks me when magically
You kiss me

By distinction blindly
I’ll tell you just whose
Distinctly recognizable
Lips just kissed me

By Distinction your kisses
Magically arouse me
Making me feel distinctly
Things no other mans kisses
Have ever made me feel


Like Wind

With caution I hesitate
To instruct caution to you
As moving forward seems
To be an illusion, yea I think
That’s my conclusion

Grasping for emotional
Comfort, emotional release
And relief, wanting to share
My abundance while
Being cautioned to move
Slowly when emotionally
I’m not sure that’s really me

Cautioned to not feel dejected
Or rejected even emotionally
Objec-ti-fied so supplied
With caution I hesitate
To emotionally consummate
The feelings I could be
Feeling cause my caution
Cannot be gone like the wind

Not Returned…

With my heart I am too generous
Too open, too honest, too loving
While loving too hard makes it
Obsolete, the love returned is less
than soft and incomplete

Seems so surreal that I am able to
Feel the way I feel, when in return
Slighted I am with nothingness
Nothingness leads to nothingness
Useless these feelings become
When they forever go unreturned

Ironically, symbolically you seem to
Still mean so much to me
Like I faucet I choose to turn you off
Shut you down from your main source
Of water flow because to have is to feel
And feel is to love and to love u do not

So, slighted we move forward, with
More caution than before…as being
Unable to turn off my heart for u
These feelings I will try harder to ignore
Cause in loving you no feelings of love
Are returned…

I Think

I think of you as the sun

Rises and I inhale my first

Breath, thankful to God

That we really met


I think of you when the

Evening comes, causing the

Sun to set, thankful for

Memories that I will never forget


I think of you when

I close my eyes, able to see

Reflections from gazes

We shared, thankful

For all of the things we’ll

One day dare


I think of you, with a

Smile upon my face,

Simply thankful for

God’s good grace


I think of you, even

When we’re side by side

Thankful for hope

Of this lasting forever

Lasting always…forever

Life long…more easily

Put…I think of you


I think of you.


With just a touch, fluttering feelings

Of glee entirely capture me

With just the slightest feel

My mind reels in wheels of a reality

That’s destined in totality to be real


With sentiments of like, I look into

Your eyes, to determine, where our

Truth lies and my insides simply smile

With your sensual kisses, I am

Solely drawn near, nearer to all that’s

Clear, because this is not a fantasy

This is not, could not be surreal


With you near, my touches, you’ll

Never be able to shield,

For when close, touching you is

Never enough, inhaling you

Is an intoxication that cannot

Be subdued, because baby

I am so addicted to you


My gateway drug, like a feign

Whose hit can’t be quit

With you’d I’d never get sick

Sensations of warmth, glowing

Inwardly out, I have not one doubt

When I submit to words

That SCREAM I want you…simply

Put…please don’t be shook

With you…right here…right now…

With you…is where I want to be

Simply Solidify to Amplify

Solidify, amplify – lose control
and showme your soul
not face value, but whole
pure, 100% true, show me
all that equals you
Solidify, petrify – maybe, create a mix
amalgamate, blend, mix and merge
like alloy – metals combined to incorporate
only, when we mingle and mix it will be
like a dulce de leche hershey’s
dark chocolate covered kiss
Solidify, don’t hit and miss
consolidate, unite, make a combination
that drives you crazy, not mentally deranged
or strange, but crazy, silly, a little unglued
maybe even unhinged and senseless
for too many useful senses that blend
are simply and solidly making you crazy
Just solidify – tha tplace with in
and maybe our hearts will combine
to join in…strong, together, integrated
by energy that no one
can keep from the win
simply solidify to amplify
whats happening within


as i think i remember to – E,
i mean how do u forget – X,
am i biting my lip? hmm – H,
wow, was that really it?? – A,
yes, i must say, real soft – L,
i am sure it was just rite – E,
oh, pleeeaaasse, remember to breathe!
after, u inhale, and realize
its ur breath thats held
please, remember that u…must!
E-X- H-A-L-E – yes, exhale!
not to impose that u dont feel ill-composed
by that moment that just transposed
maybe a lil juxtaposed, even bare and exposed
just after u inhale and remember
its your breath thats held,
simply dont forget to later
realize with regret that u forgot,
in that moment to E-X-H-A-L-E-
oh, yes i do, dare to continue to share
as a memory traces back, surely with out fright
as she enjoyed that moment,
oh so right until she inhaled
and it was simply her breath, she held
all becuz she suddenly forgot
with a second of thoughts that
she too needs to E-X-H-A-L-E-

Floating like a Feather

Floating on a cloud this morning,
Light as a feather, bright as the days new sun…
Drifting away in self ecstasy-the pleasure is all me
Maybe like an after-shock the gentle kiss
On the cheek is just now affecting me
Maybe his soft caresses on my arm
Or him holding me just right – not too tight
Making me feel warm
Floating on a cloud this morning
Light as a feather, bright as the days new sun…
Crazy how this energy connection just begun
Still drifting away in self ecstasy as the pleasure
Is definitely all me
Maybe my smiles are letting go
Feeling loose able to be free from
All the others that tried to make a captive of me
Maybe it’s due to his words being so sweet
Or how open he is with me
Maybe it’s just because he is…he
Floating on a cloud this morning, light as a feather
Bright as the days new sun
This afternoon brings hours closer to closure
Where drifting away in self ecstasy
Will no longer just be a pleasure all for me

Chocolate Quarter

Just yesterday, she glanced another way

to her surprise, she kneeled to find

a chocolate quarter, looking her way

thinking, she smiled a chocolate quarter

so much better, than a silly little dime


This quarter seemed special, so chocolaty – and all

not even the regular kind

  from milk and un-refined

 …it is the kind that she knows is fine,

made SPECIAL -even dark as red wine…


Not by Hershey – that brand… so bland

not of her liking –  way too sweet yet still incomplete


a Chocolate quarter, she deemed

a  new friend, intelligent & masculine –

smooth with rough edges…seems that’s how

energies connected, her stare

she dared, for really to hide

she couldn’t let it subside


Away with her thoughts

she simply smiled, a chocolate quarter

 she stashed away

maybe her new pleasure, simply she smiled

just put it away knowing

she’d smile another day

Emotionally Wound…

Emotionally bound,
wound in tight, untying
tangled knots, simple
thoughts, turned complex
what a mental mess
attentive withdrawal
thoughts fighting it out
like a western brawl,
words become text, letters
painting thispicture of
I miss her, clouds of
doubt speaking it to
be just miss used words
by him, forsight untold
fantasy of futures bold
just to hold onto
a moment of emotional
freedom– look how far
in so little we’ve come…

Like, INTEREST — Anticipating INTELLECT

Like a simile, I’ll reference thee

in a form that’s not like to shatter

but to be more, similar to…

the pleasure, congenial, agreeable

regard of favor, that makes both

you and I, inclined to feel

the power of such exciting concern,

the involvement in a matter of

primary interest, as you tell me

that you like my intellect


possessing with capacity, you-

profoundly found with pure ability

to think so abstractly, creating

an expectation of hop, like in music

when a tone, introduced before hand

lets just call it in advance

of its harmony, so that it sounds

against its proceeding chord–maybe just note


a person who uses

the mind to think so creatively

continually the stimuli between

our minds leaves, slight impressions,

foretaste, realization that there is

definitely some anticipation


the previous notion would suggest

simply that you like my intellect

as you anticipate — await with intuition

of what may possibly come to fruition

after only our second — surprise date

I Can’t…

I can’t begin to even explain

what it is I feel inside, my heart

is simply warm, with all that’s you

inside, with just the thought of even

your name, my heart pounds w/ joy

something major, I’m talking real insane

I can’t help but wonder

if this piece of you, this

little small piece of you, is all

I can ever touch of you, if it’s all

there is for me to have of you…but

I hear your cheer, it’s so sincere

I see you, I touch you, as I grab,

for you, something, pulls back from you

what am I supposed to do with that,

When I’m crazy into you, I reach again

Now harder to touch, I still feel you near,

my heart still warms, with something pure

for you, it’s so true, everything, I promise you,

I hope you can feel, this love I have for you

©October 22, 2007

Truly Be…

As tears fall from my eyes

I can no long lie

The inner being that exist

With, in the conflict I feel is

So surreal but as reality

Sets in there’s no way I can win

What I feel is so real but

This situation I can’t deal

It’s euphoria and pain

It’s like a long dark gloomy

Day of rain

I cannot subject myself to the

Harsh reality of what I’m doing

To me…I find that I am once

Again compromising myself

For, yet, another man

I undoubtedly care but what we

Share is so unfair, this cannot go

On you see, I want you

And I know you want me, but only

When it’s right, so we can really

Truly be…

© October 13, 2007

Hooking up, the NOT knowing

Why when we meet a guy do we potentially think, MARRIAGE?

Why when we meet a guy do we hope and pray that he wants what WE WANT?

Why when we meet a guy do we think that he will be different from the NEXT?

Why do we live in such IMAGINARY WORLDS?

Realms, of unknown, treasures untold, that some-times NEVER UNFOLD?

Why does a phone call mean so much?

Why does him thinking enough to send an email with a simple hello, and a kind gesture, make us Getty with nothing but pleasure?

So happy thinking, ho he really likes me…

Why does a phone call mean so much more when it doesn’t occur?

How does the not knowing his thoughts, his feelings,

Whether he wants what we want, put so much doubt and fear in our minds?

The uncertainty of Why does not knowing fight so hardly against our hopes and dreams of having a man for no one else, a man that’s just for me?

Why is hooking up, ultimately the NOT KNOWING?

© July 14th, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11

Our First Date

So many thoughts, so many joys

So many stories untold, so much destined to unfold,

What’s second nature to me, is so foreign to thee

Yet admittedly twice you have had to succeed,

My impulse is to hold hands but the body language

Does allow my advance

So I smile within and move on right behind you,

Our first experience, not quite satisfied but never the less

Excited to be sitting, side by side, excited to be sitting so near to you

As expressed with gratitude, appreciation is returned

How uncommon to me, to share such intimacy

By not being under…the sheets of this paper

Hold so little of what is felt, and

So much of what is thought

How do I give t you back what you’ve already given me

You see your friendship with me if that’s all we’re destined to be

Will still ultimately make me expressively happy

© July 14th, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11