Floating like a Feather

Floating on a cloud this morning,
Light as a feather, bright as the days new sun…
Drifting away in self ecstasy-the pleasure is all me
Maybe like an after-shock the gentle kiss
On the cheek is just now affecting me
Maybe his soft caresses on my arm
Or him holding me just right – not too tight
Making me feel warm
Floating on a cloud this morning
Light as a feather, bright as the days new sun…
Crazy how this energy connection just begun
Still drifting away in self ecstasy as the pleasure
Is definitely all me
Maybe my smiles are letting go
Feeling loose able to be free from
All the others that tried to make a captive of me
Maybe it’s due to his words being so sweet
Or how open he is with me
Maybe it’s just because he is…he
Floating on a cloud this morning, light as a feather
Bright as the days new sun
This afternoon brings hours closer to closure
Where drifting away in self ecstasy
Will no longer just be a pleasure all for me


a FrEsH sTaRt…

So it’s been a while since I’ve written any good food for thought. And this is merely an update on my current life doings…In a months time I have completely vacated the life I used to have on the West Coast…but understand that I am a cali gurl 4 LIFE! Nevertheless I am now on the East Coast. I have not even been here for a whole 24 hours and I am more than excited to be here.

I am simply confident in the changes that are going to happen in my life and I am so ready for them. I believe that God had been giving me nudges for a while and this last nudge was the one that I needed to make the drastic change that I needed to help jump start my new beginnings.

I swear to you I never thought I’d be done packing up my old apartment….and OMG I left so much stuff in there…LOL stuff that I actually wanted but didn’t have time nor the patience to pack up or whatever so that it could make he journey with me to the East Coast. Now that I am here and settling in I am just thinking hmmm I left this and I left that and I guess it’s just gone cuz I left it and I clearly can’t go back now to get it. And you know it’s little things that I left like my Africa Flag that was hanging above the closet in my office…and my shower curtin rings that are elephants…hmmm and my cast iron skillet…which was actually saved and I will get it back shortly but to think that I actually left it behind is like omg I surely was not focused.

Before I left I got to see most of the people that I love dearly…I had a going  away in northern cali with all of my good friends and sorors…took good photos and genuinely just got to hang out with good people one last time on the west coast. Down in southern cali I got to hang out with all the good sorors and frat brothers…not to mention I got to hang out with like 4 of my first cousins and a bunch of cousins I hadn’t met before…so that was exciting as well. Man I spent tons of time with my niece and my sister and that of course was best of all…I got to see my grandmothers and parents before I left as well…I am just so blessed.

However more interesting business are the changes that are to come to my blog very soon. I will be having guest authors write…I hope this will bring variety to my blog and keep the readers interested…I want this site to develop into something amazing…just an outlet for writers and a real experience for readers…so watchout for the changes to come!

Huge Changes…

This year has been quite the year for me. It’s only August, which is actually a lot closer to the ending of the year than I’d like to admit…2008 has definitely been a year of change and trials/tribulations for me.

I got laid off at the end of January, it two weeks for me to find a new job…only for me to get laid off from that Job 6 1/2 months after I started there. I am so thankful that I have God in my life or I would probably be going crazy right now.

So I’ve decided that I am moving. What better time than now. I am taking my life to the east coast and I actually can’t wait to make the move.