Now I see.

I have truly let you go
I see the light, for the
Tunnel is bright, not
Dimly lit, it shines
Smiling on all of the
Great time we spent
The good times we
Shared…the love we

I close my eyes and
See your image, my
Minds eye, vivid—all
That is you and I…I mean
All that was you and I
See it flash within my
Eyes—deeply I smile

I let go of the hope
To one day be your
Wife, it does not seem
That would be our
Destiny—in love I let
Go but I’ll always
Love you so—I once
Upon a time wished
You to be the one.

I once upon a time
Wished that I would
Be for you, as you to me,
I held long onto
That dream, I held
Tight for all hopes
That one day it might
Actually be.

Then reality you see
Knocked me down,
Down right to my
Knees, yelling at me
To see, with tears
In my eyes I finally
Understood why.

I need love you see.
To hear it, to feel it
To see it, to touch it
I need assurance
That our love is
True between you
And me…I needed
To hear that you loved
Me…I needed consistency
I needed you to love me.
NO. I needed you to be open
To showing me, and yes! Telling
Me, unconditionally how
Much you loved me.

Patient I was, patient I
Tried, tears weld up,
Falling from my eyes
I held on, I held on, I let go
But still I held on…hoping
Too hard, that this wasn’t our
Reality, hoping too hard
There would still be a
You and me…now knowing,
I let go…now opening my
Eyes to see…I understand.

Before reluctantly, even
Hesitantly, now with
Confidence and peace
Now with love and peace
Now understanding it
Was the past that shared
Me and you. Now I see.


**Thursday Poetry Rally: Week 57**


Gods Peace

it is Gods peace that I seek
this peace, surpasses any
understanding that I need

Peace like the calming
of a rapid and rough
sea, Gods peace you
see, it relaxes me

a spirit calmed is a
spirit that runs deep
even abundantly so
i tell this to you, as
i practice it for me

Seek Gods peace for
the relaxation of your
spirits needs, and I
promise, your soul
will be complete, filled
and at all ease…

Souls Climax (Monday Poetry Potluck)

This week’s theme is Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality – I picked up my pen and started writing and this is what I created –surely a twist I didn’t expect but I enjoy the way it turned out and I hope you all do as well.

Peaceful are the sounds
of his heart beating against mine
Calming is the current
of his energy when I
can’t calm mine

Relaxing are the
emotional waves
that drive me to
swim to emotional
ecstasy, wanting
to ride the roller
coaster, just 1 more

Spiritually climactic is
knowing your soul
is destined to join
with mine

So peacefully, relaxed
I await the day
we finally meet and
feel compete as
peace relaxes,
our spiritually soars…

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Blessings of Birthdays…

“Born in sound that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…born in sound…that’s where I’m found…with the disc going round & round & round…” you know that tune if you’re Coltrane Conscious…and if you know me, you can hear me singing it! (ONE MIND)


Giving all PRAISES to Him who is MOST HIGH!!!! I thank God for seeing me through to another year. I am so blessed, I just made it to 26 yrs today and I couldn’t be in a better place. God is such an awesome God and seeing that I have been on my new coast for 3 weeks and 1 day I can’t say that I have any real complaints…the weather’s a little strange today and my allergies are attacking me with the vengeance but even that cannot make me feel like today is not MY DAY.


To all my friends and family, associates and etc…I thank you all so much for your happy birthday wishes, your bestowment of blessings and your thoughts of peace…I appreciate you all so much and wouldn’t be where I am today if God had not surrounded me by you! I love you all with all my heart and could never thank you enough!


“Born in sound, that’s where I’m found, Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior, thank you oh God, I praise your name…Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior…Born in sound…that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…”