Mistaken, miss-taken
I attempted, with my best
Zealous-ness and heart, I pushed
Past fear and made the road clear

Let go and gave in to hope
A dream that couldn’t float
My-self I gave, for us, I prayed—
Our friendship, our growth, our
Lives, our love—ones

Trust I granted, favor
I gave, the clock ticked on
I waited, one-year and
Seven months long

For not, for nothing, for lessons,
For truths, understanding or
Some kind of yet to be seen boost

The door now closed
Emotions still sore, a box
That opens, now shut
A key—stored away
From this time, from this space

Still with hope for the future, if found one day…
I would be glad to have received the warmth of love
A cozy gift from only God above.


Be Still & Know…

It’s the confusion of what I believe
To not be an illusion, but I can’t
Seem to come to a conclusion.
So I sat down and thought
Over my thoughts, I tried to
Write them down and even
Come up with an executable plan
So I ended up simply talking
It over with the man…

You know…Him up there, the
Man they say is upstairs, the one
Most call God, He gave His son
From up above…to save my sins,
Giving me an actual fighting chance
To have the confidence
I really need in the end to win.

But confused I said I was
Only for my Lord to command me
To “be still and know” know that
He has a plan, you know
To prosper me, not harm me
So with confusion set aside,
Humbled and without pride…
Still visually in it lives, in my minds eye
So I quiet my mind…to stop all
Time, since this clock shall not rewind

Moon Light

In the moon light there are
Hints of your gaze
A smile cast upon your face
Making me feel filled
With heavenly grace

Like the beauty of onyx
Your smooth dark chocolate
Skin does nothing less
Than draw me in…

In the moon light I sit still
Thinking of you, allowing my
Thoughts to become future
Desires, allowing my wants
Of you and me to completely be…

Like knowing we’ll marry
I envision your proposal–
Yea, sounds crazy, I know
But our family I can see
Started in love just you and me…

In the moon light I rest my
Eyes upon your face, eventually
Allowing my haze to
Dissipate, just in time to
Hear you say…I love you babe

In the moon light I gently
Caress your skin
Before I plant my soft kisses
All over your face, just
To simply say thank
You…while the moon
Light gives my love all to you.

In love with Ideas

***NEWS FLASH*** I humbly accept the “Perfect Poet” Award for Thursday Poetry Rally Week 57. It’s been so long since I’ve participated and won this award that I am really excited. Further my nomination for Week 58 goes to… Cherlyn for “You’ve Taken My Voice”
( )

I’m in love with the idea of being in love.
Did you hear what I said? I’m in love.
With the idea. Of being in love. Yes, that
Is correct. The idea suits me just fine.
I might even be inclined to say I love
Things just the way they are—cuz why not?
Everything seems just fine. I’m in love with
the idea of being in love. Shooting stars
from the greatest clouds up above. Shinning
bright moons and sparkling skies. The
Heavens opened up and here is
Where I welcomed you. I’m in love
With the idea of being in love. Yes, that’s
Correct. I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but it’s true, indeed for I would
Never make an attempt to deceive. So just
believe to see the truth in me when I say
These words, out loud they sound,
triumphantly I called out in a subtle shout
grasping your attention, as the wind carries
soft whispers of sweet I love you’s…again
I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but I only speak truth.

Ideas, just words, emotion shown
Through love, love of ideas, love
Falling from the heavens up above.
Love from the father, son and holy
Ghost. Love just emotion turned up
Extra high, balanced by love matched
Also heaven sent…just right
Specially picked. I’m in love with the
Idea, of being in love. I’m in love with
Love and differing ideas on exactly
What love should be. Again, I say
I’m in love…with love.


you may be, all that you
think you be, but trust
here, you would be nothing
without me–as I without
you would be nothing
too–but don’t mistake
me for no fool–I’m the
backbone not you.
I comfort when in need
i cherish and uplift, I
satisfy and drive you wild
I am your emotional connect–
your hight more than
just a contact, a connection
to the understandings
amongst humans on what
love is…Your head may
move and your mouth
in control, but where
would you be without
your backbone, just where
might you be, if you
were without me…?


My Mister MY MISSed-her
She felt it in the way he
Kissed her –he wished for
Her longing for her love
She always thought of him
Her Mister, the only one she
Wanted to kiss her…Her Mister
Surely missed her and shared
With her the depths of his hearts
Mind, the inside of his soul
It showed, it told his love for
Her was real…his Miss

Never could he ever not
Let her insist, her energies
Captured him even matched
His—his babes, his baby
His lady his woman—the mother
Of his future children
The strength to match his
Bold passion, the sweetness
She offers through her compassion

Her kisses, his hands, his
Lips her lower waste that
Expands, his chocolate—ness
His kiss, the muscles in his
Arms, the scents she’s
Allowed to sniff as her closeness
Clings to his, her everything
He wants to feel, his treasures
Concealed…hers spilled
Their tongues continue to
Collide, while their minds
Drive them wild…


Rejuvenated, illuminated
Why? Because God lives in
You see through hard times
And sweet times my God
He never forsakes
I’m just trying to be
Spirit filled, abound
By hope, see that’s
What’s dope cuz
my God lives in

You Hindered Me…

Angrily, infuriated by the
Lies the deceit, all the ways
You misrepresented yourself
With me…but you see
Maybe I too, told little white
Lies, come on don’t act surprised
You never believed in me
As you see, you were much too busy
Selling lies of a lifeless dream
Sewn at the seam by
Nothing more than
Angry frustrations of countless
Times where I believed
Your words were not
Lies, nor deceit, neither
Misrepresentations because
It was you that asked for me
It was you that got together
It was you that was the mastermind
Which is probably why
I never even saw it coming
Blinded and by the waste
Side…trailing off, falling
Short from victories
Because your lies, intertwined
With webs of deceit
Have surely entangled
Me and I am no longer
Free…for Mis-representation

***NOTE: This piece was written for Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck…this weeks theme is Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation***

Your Picture


Your picture is still in its frame
The photo of both you and I
We look so happy smiling
Looking at the camera ready
Together for a moment that
Marks part of our history

That day was the happiest day
Of your educational career
Recipient of your judicial doctorate
I stood smiling beaming with
Joy and pride for you

Your picture it still remains
In its frame the photo of both
You and i…I can’t take it down
I stare at it and shake my head
Wondering how it all came to an end

That day you said it was over
As tears streamed down my face
That day you told me there couldn’t
Be a you and me…my words seemed to
Mean nothing to you

Your picture still in its frame
It sits upon my desk, holding
Both me and you…before you walked
Away from me, leaving me with
Tears, saddened…I relive & relive
That moment and still your back I see


She’s Pretty


He tells her that she is pretty
As he softly caresses her cheek
He tells her she is the pretty girl with bangs
As he gazes into her…relishing in every
Inch of her soul

He gently kisses the pretty girl with bangs
As he takes her hand into his…she smiles
As he continues to hold her hand planting
His soft kisses on her freckles…she refrains
From taking her hand away, even as his kisses
Stop and he stares into her soul with intensity,
With fire maybe even desires…

He tells her that she is pretty
As he softly caresses her cheek
He tells her she is pretty
While she imagines him
Forever in her arms




I exhale, overwhelmed
With emotions that have
Consumed, me dis-illusioned me
Upset me, cause my balance
To be unsteady, off course
Why so early have we already
Encountered our divorce?

I exhale not with glee
But due to this sadness
That losing u have brought
About to me…so just as
Before I write for u
Only now when I write
It’s not due to the joy
That was brought to me

I exhale wishing I’d never
Shared you existence with
All those I love, now they
Will question what the hell
Went wrong…defeated
I will say just like the others
He decided to turn and walk away




your touch, your kiss
your words saying to
me that I am sweet
mean the absolute
most to me, your
kindness, your warm
welcoming arms when
you hold me, baby
are you aware of
all that you do to me?
my words, turned poetic
creating a symphony of all
the feelings you create
inside of me, even when
you’re not right next to me
I hold tight to your energy
Loving the electricity
It creates within me
I’ll sing you my song if
you give me your listening
ear, I’ll caress your mind,
while making love to you
intellectually, cuz it’s not
just you physically that
does all the things that you
do to me, but your inner
being that makes me
so weak – you’ve really
captured me…




Today is a very exciting day! As I mentioned in one of my previous pWrites I have been “running” across random and not so random pieces of paper that has [love] notes, in poetry form, written all over them…I even found a few poems in the back of old day calendars…I’m talking all the way in the back in the notes section – I must have been hard up to write with no other paper source.

I digress…I’m going to KICK the LOVE SERIES OFF RIGHT NOW!!!! These post will be in no particular order because I’m sure I’ve not found them all yet and I am not about to get caught up in trying to make a story out of it…I hope you enjoy! And if enjoyment you’ve not found thank you and please come back again!

Love…Ms. Peaches ***STAY TUNED FOR THE 1ST POST***