pEaChPiT pOeTrY AwArDs

I am always honored and humbled to receive awards…especially since most of my readers/viewers don’t really know me from a can of paint…so I am more than appreciative that I’ve been chosen to receive such esteemed awards!!!  This page is still under CoNsTrUcTiOn (meaning not all awards are represented-YET)


I humbly accept this award as a participant in Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally Week 24! The piece that I submitted for which this award was received is linked to the award.

The award to up above I also received during week 24

Thursday Poetry Rally for my poem entitled “Love Manifested”

Jingle’s Thursday Poetry [WEEK 26] Rally Awards

Again I am beyond flattered and humbled to receive this award for my poetry.  I love to write and I’m more than gracious to all of my readers and fellow writers/supporters.


[…] And my nomination this time is for Ms Peaches. As my eyes were beginning to glaze over with reading so many poems, hers cleared my head like a shot of vodka and orange after a hard day’s studying. I must get over to her blog more often. Check Ms Peaches out at: […] Thank you to–> Dagger through my heart « Jessica’s Japes

Friendship Award

Thanks Hoiden!  You’re the kindest!


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