Silence Broken…

with gratitude, compassion is my attitude,
donations, support, confirmation – I’m totally doing my part
Focus, surrender, love, God-given, tender,
Like a mothers’ unconditional heart, my desire to empower
survivors has always been real – wisdom I must impart

God’s putting me to the test with uneasy task, humbling myself,
to simply make that ask, God turning it over and over into an
abundance, overflowing with love, support,
happy darts from you, straight to my heart –

All because, I’ve found and I see the discipline of being
intentional with you and me, to ask from the start, the works
of the Lord, they all supplement my heart through your hands

I give all thanks of abundance to the great I AM
I decree, I declare an abundance in this atmosphere
Go Fund Me you see and pour out support for this
violence afflicted community

For healing, God, I think you, for awareness and clarity
no longer blind to a cause the entire world must see
because violence holds consequence and I’m here to come
to the support the survivors defense

Empowered against the silence, each woman stepping away
from and past domestic violence and into the light of
their brilliant abundance.

Blameless they are not, for you this I’ve fought, tearing
down cultures os hame, I walk with you and I want to know
your name, because violence cannot be forgotten, nor silence,
nor watered down, she has a name and this victim, you shall
not blame.

Support my efforts to attend #theblackupstart2k15 bootcamp and product development and production cost! I’m healing survivors and changing the culture of shame attached to violence.


#theBlackupStart2k15 Why I am grateful I decided to run a fundraising campaign

There are less than 12 hours left of my GoFundMe campaign for “Tuition: the Black upStart Bootcamp.”  I’m excited to see the progress that has been made, considering the short amount of time in which the campaign began and the goal to not just hit the amount needed for Bootcamp tuition ($300), but to surpass that goal and have a surplus for product development and production (I’m curating a healing workbook and journal, and an inspirational planner to accompany the workshop series).
As I get closer to the deadline and the 3rd and final tier of the goals I set to reach and surpass for #theblackupstart2k15, I see and understand how God used this opportunity to deal with me and my anxiety around fundraising.  I cannot recall a time in my life, where fundraising sounded like a task that I, personally should lead from the forefront.  Of course I’d love to help, but for me to lead the entire cause and push a community to rise to the occasion – that isn’t one of my own comfort levels. I usually prefer to assist from behind the scenes or from the sidelines.  This particular case unavoidable, even if I desired and prayed for it with faith the size of a mustard seed this was a path I had to travel and it is because God had to deal with me on this issue for the sake of progress in my non-profit and my inner confidence in being successful with even those task that I don’t keenly desire.
When I first received the email of acceptance into the Bootcamp program for the Black upStart Bootcamp, I was admittedly drafting an email full of sorrow to regretfully turn down the spot and have it given away to someone who could afford the cost of tuition.  I figured there would be another opportunity for me to apply, but something made me pause — when I say something, I mean a quiet calming, maybe even gentle touch that said “wait Corinn, you’ve missed something” and I’m convinced that was no one other than God.  I read the email again in its entirety, but not really because my mind was in disbelief that I had been accepted into this program, but due to the fact that I’d been out of work for a month and waiting on a contract renewal, I wouldn’t be able to participate in the experience. I was sitting there thinking to myself, “SERIOUSLY!” And that’s when I began to read the email for the 3rd or maybe 4th time, this time slowly and with more intent to not miss a single word.
That’s when I saw it!  I saw the payment option that provided fundraising training to raise the funds for the cost of Bootcamp tuition and any surplus for the cost of program development and production. I had just zeroed in on my golden ticket! I almost wanted to jump out of my seat with excitement, though I was still filled with slight doubt in my ability to raise the funds needed in less than a weeks time. Moving forward with unwaivering faith and confidence not of my own, I was contacted by the founder of the Black upStart and she sounded totally and utterly confident in my ability to successfully raise and exceed the tuition cost in this fundraising adventure and even shared compliments to my energy and passion for my cause.
So here we are – the clock is counting down, day one of Bootcamp is this evening, starting at 6pm and that is the cut off time for my fundraising efforts.  Here’s to the last hurrah of raising capital for Brilliant Abundance to enter into product development and production through my participation in #theBlackupStart2k15 Bootcamp.  Here’s to taking a leap of faith, even when you are uncertain of meeting the goal.  Here’s to God breaking barriers and walls in me, allowing me to push past my discomfort and into success!  Can you imagine, if I would have turned down the opportunity because I wasn’t willing to ask for help?!
Many Thanks to my village of supporters, many of you expressed verbal support, some of you shared my endeavor with your networks, and many of you opened not just your hearts, but also your wallets to help me reach and surpass the goal of tuition cost.  At the time of this post, there is still a fundraising need of $180 to hit before 6:00 p.m. EST.
I am truly blessed and highly favored because you all let God make you “intentional.”  Humble praises of gratitude to the most-high and sincere thanks to each and every one of you! It truly does take a village.
Shout out to my village (in no particular ranking order)
Amber G.               Fayola              Alexis H.
Gregory                 Desirea             Lilian V.
Latoya J.               Simone D.        Kenya B.
Diamond M.          Denise              Aniela
Danielle                 Zakiyyah R.     Wayne
Vanessa                 Bert                   Xkzin
Tiffany                   LeAndria          Nina
Aja L.                      Janay                Naeemah
Esmeralda            Christina           Caren
I love you all from the depths of my heart and soul! Thank you for standing with me and showing the true spirit of community and giving!

What I’ve been up to….

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down and posted any poetry.  There’s a reason why, I’ve been busy working hard on my non-profit!  I’ve just launched a fundraising campaign that you can read about below.  I’m really excited about the path God currently has me on and I would love your support.  You can support by sharing this with your networks (share via FB, Twitter, or even your own blog) or by making a contribution.  The only way this work can be done is by the support of the community — I hope I can count on your support of a #repost and/or contribution.



The Black upStart Bookcamp Fundraising Campaign!

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some point during their lifetime. 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.  In the African American community, those statistics are grave at 1 out of 3 women.  Due to these statistics and those within my own family I have dedicated more than 10 years of my life’s work to advocacy in crisis intervention and being a change agent for rape culture in America.  I am Corinn Marquis , Founder, and CEO of Brilliant Abundance.

I know my personal story as an indirect survivor to my mother and my passion for advocacy post-crisis intervention that I was destined to found Brilliant Abundance, a personal development, and spiritual wholeness non-profit targeting women, identifying as indirect (secondary) and direct (primary) survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse. Survivors of violence are much more likely to be affected by depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism,  drug abuse, and suicide. Nationally and locally there are several programs targeting direct survivors in crisis, but it’s much harder to find resources for continued healing and growth, especially for those secondarily affected.  This is where Brilliant Abundance comes in! As I endured the process of my own healing, I came to understand that there is a great need for advocacy post-crisis intervention for not just women primarily affected, but those who are also secondarily affected.
Help Me Break Another Glass Ceiling – with TUITION ASSISTANCE!

Out of nearly 100 applicants, I was selected along with 20 African-American entrepreneurs to join the Black upStart Bootcamp! The BootCamp trains African-American entrepreneurs to start successful and profitable businesses, with an emphasis on product development. As many of you know, I successfully completed a program on Entrepreneur Success Training that allowed me to finalize a business plan and begin visual branding for Brilliant Abundance  — a non-profit focusing on personal development and spiritual wholeness for women who identify as indirect (secondary) and direct (primary) survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse, post-crisis intervention services.

Through enrollment of this Bootcamp, I will be able to take Brilliant Abundance to its next phase, which is product development.  As an avid believer in self-accountability and growth, I am constantly working to improve my skills and the foundation of my business knowledge; when I learned about the Black upStart Bootcamp, I knew it was the next step in advancing my business acumen as an African-American woman entrepreneur and in growing Brilliant Abundance. This Bootcamp hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already begun the fundraising training!  Believe me, fundraising is a hard task for most and I’m grateful to pick up tips to enhance my skills and success rate in building capital.  At the completion of this Bootcamp, I will be trained in how to brainstorm a viable business idea, build a product, test the product, and create a plan to sell that product for profit.

This Bootcamp will allow me to create a great product for program participants, identifying as indirect and direct survivors, which will allow these women to enhance their personal development skills, heal from past pain, move away from the trauma and pain caused by violence, and into a joyful life of Brilliant Abundance.

Here is my goal: Get 12 People to Donate $25 (or more before Bootcamp begins on November 12, 2015)

In my search for programs that cater to the needs of women and/or African-Americans, I’ve not seen anything as beneficial as the Black upStart Bootcamp . Previous to finding this Bootcamp, I successfully created a stellar business plan that includes the curation of a workbook to supplement a workshop series, a healing miracle journal, and an inspirational planner that will aid program participants in maximizing their personal development and healing to become whole through an Entrepreneur Fellowship with Empowered Women International.

Where I’ve found myself in need of additional training is with product development — and that is where the Black upStart Bootcamp becomes the perfect resource and solution to getting Brilliant Abundance closer to its official program launch. I am excited to build awareness and strategize to move past barriers that affect African-American entrepreneurs when starting a business and raising capital — the Black upStart Bootcamp is not only going to take my training and skills to the next level, but it’s going to push Brilliant Abundance closer to its program launch and busy with the work of healing survivors of shame, post-crisis intervention services!

The Impact: You Become a Supporter of Brilliant Abundance (ME too!) and Assist in Making a Courageous Black Woman a Successful Entrepreneur

Please consider contributing to cover the cost of my tuition! Thank you so very much for believing in me!  Any dollar raised over $300 will go towards product development expenses for Brilliant Abundance!

Thank you for considering to offer your support and #b_abundant

Reaching and even surpassing this goal will have me over the moon excited for the potential progress that can be made in getting Brilliant Abundance programming launched and starting the process of helping survivors move past shame and into their Brilliant Abundance — healed, whole, and complete.

Support my efforts to attend #theblackupstart2k15 bootcamp and product development and production cost! I’m healing survivors and changing the culture of shame attached to violence.

Carrying Jada: When ‘Standing With’ Isn’t Enough.

Stacia L. Brown


Two nights ago, I sat in our bedroom on the third floor with the window open. You were already asleep. The night breeze carried the voices of a cabal of teen boys walking beneath. There is a steep grassy hill behind our building. I never take you to play there. The earth is uneven and I don’t trust the improbability of a long hard tumble. But I’ve always found it a beautiful space, open and green among the brick, steel and concrete, tree-lined, flowering branches blushing white and pink each spring with the promise of growth. It is usually quiet there after nightfall, or it has been during most of the 27 years my grandmother has lived here. But things are changing. The boys were raucous but stealthy, their voices at once overloud and vanquished altogether.

“She got HIV or something. She might got HIV!” One called out.

“She probably

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When Parenting Feels Like a Fool’s Errand: On the Death of Michael Brown.

Stacia L. Brown


I don’t want to talk about the boy and the sneakers peeking out from the sheet crudely draped over his corpse in the street, because I have been happy this month and it is so rare that I’m happy and that you, at age 4, don’t have to touch my knee or shoulder or face and say, “What’s wrong, Mama? You sad?”

I don’t want to think of who will go out on her hands and knees to scrub what’s left of the boy’s blood from the concrete. It will probably be a loved one, her hands idle after hours of clenching them into fists, watching what used to be her breathing boy lie lifeless, as she waited and waited and waited for the police and the coroner and the county to get their stories straight and their shit together and their privilege, sitting crooked as a ten-dollar wig, readjusted till it was firmly intact…

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Mistaken, miss-taken
I attempted, with my best
Zealous-ness and heart, I pushed
Past fear and made the road clear

Let go and gave in to hope
A dream that couldn’t float
My-self I gave, for us, I prayed—
Our friendship, our growth, our
Lives, our love—ones

Trust I granted, favor
I gave, the clock ticked on
I waited, one-year and
Seven months long

For not, for nothing, for lessons,
For truths, understanding or
Some kind of yet to be seen boost

The door now closed
Emotions still sore, a box
That opens, now shut
A key—stored away
From this time, from this space

Still with hope for the future, if found one day…
I would be glad to have received the warmth of love
A cozy gift from only God above.

Be Still & Know…

It’s the confusion of what I believe
To not be an illusion, but I can’t
Seem to come to a conclusion.
So I sat down and thought
Over my thoughts, I tried to
Write them down and even
Come up with an executable plan
So I ended up simply talking
It over with the man…

You know…Him up there, the
Man they say is upstairs, the one
Most call God, He gave His son
From up above…to save my sins,
Giving me an actual fighting chance
To have the confidence
I really need in the end to win.

But confused I said I was
Only for my Lord to command me
To “be still and know” know that
He has a plan, you know
To prosper me, not harm me
So with confusion set aside,
Humbled and without pride…
Still visually in it lives, in my minds eye
So I quiet my mind…to stop all
Time, since this clock shall not rewind

¡pWrite…destiny awaits

Purple pWrite

What’s going on bloggers, readers and persons who just happen to stumble by…Welcome to Peach Pit Propaganda and I suppose welcome to the pieces of my life that I decide to share through this web venue. It’s been so long since I’ve checked in…I mean I haven’t had a pWrite since June! Yikes!!! But rest assured since then things have been going amazingly well in my life. No major milestones have been hit yet but the planning for such major mile stones are definitely underway. Well maybe it’s not entirely accurate for me to say that no major milestones have been achieved because that wouldn’t be entirely true. I’m taking the necessary steps to advance my life down the path that God has always destined me to be on.

Through tons of planning and restructuring of my vision boards (yes I have more than 1) I am able to see things start to align in ways that I hadn’t even imagined. So I guess I’m going to briefly go into testimony mode with y’all. God is working in my life and I’m working to get my life lined up—completely with Gods will and not just my desires. The end of November I started working again and at that time I hadn’t even been looking for a job. But I get a call from an agency that I had previously signed on with to look for work a couple of years ago and the opportunity they presented to me was one that would definitely be up my alley and look great on my resume! When I started the pay was decent and after my
initial 4 week contract ended God blessed me with a renewed contract (long term) at a way better pay rate!

Now for most of the time that I’ve been in my graduate studies program I have not worked and adjusting to live the life of a less financially bless student was an adjustment but since I had already made the adjustment it has been easy for me to save funds (now that I’m working) and handle business that will prove to make my future more stable and better equipped to flourish fluidly.

I’m excited and I hope to share more details with you all as things continue to unfold—I’m waiting on decisions from a few people for a few things and can’t wait to share good news and jump into the new chapters that come with those plans.

Baby, I feel good.

I feel good. I mean I feel
Good all over. Without hesitation
I further investigate while
Preparing to embrace entirely
Every divine situation, every
Second and minute of every
Hour, as fragrant sprinkles
Of wisdom and knowledge
Continue to deposit…I feel good.
I mean I feel good all over.

There’s nothing to compare
This joy that I feel, could only
Be heaven sent. Matter of fact-ly
It lies on every single inch of me.
Making gentle brushes against my
Face as the sun shine, brightly
Illuminates the glow of happiness
That is emanating from within me.

I feel good. I mean I feel good
All over. New chapters being written.
Faith in all that God has given. Trust.
Honor. Faith. Love. Joy. Spirit filled. I
Feel good. I mean I feel good all over.

What’s Mine Not Yours

It’s easy you see for me
To seemingly smile so easily
Simple thoughts of plans
To come creates glimmering
smiles as I walk down the street
Basking in the bright sun

Trying to remember the last
Time, such feelings of
Excitement and possibility
Is much harder to see and
Better yet, unfortunately
In its entirety truly escapes me…

Past lessons come and gone
Experiences teaching life–learned!
here where I stand I’ve not been
Before, as this time what’s
Mine, I’m not freely giving to
End with my power
Becoming yours…

No matter what is to come
My power will remain
only with me for my
Body DOES NOT get to make
Decisions for me.


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a pWrite…so welcome to my update. Things are going phenomenally well in my life. I am so blessed and give all honor and praise to God who is the head of my life! Hopefully, I can soon motivate myself to starting posting poems more frequently and getting back involved with the Jingle poetry community (I MISS YOU ALL!!! And YOUR POEMS!!!). I’m doing very well in grad school and I now have just over a year under my belt!!! YAY!!!! Beyond that after applying and interviewing for a few opportunities I am happy to share that this summer I will be working two paid internships—which is awesome in itself because paid internships are hard to come by. I’m so happy to be an advocate and volunteer at a Rape crisis center and I’m truly feeling fulfilled in many of my purposes in this life…I’m doing Gods’ work and excited and convicted to be doing so…I’m keeping it short as I’m actually at a coffee shop studying right now…but I needed a temporary break LOL…enjoy the week my friends!!!

Like this…

Celebrate me. Adore me. Love me.
Want me. Cherish me. Respect me.
Love me. Miss me. Want me. Love
me. Love me. Love me. Love me.

Rants and raves. Yells and
screams. Desires and dreams.

Love not lust. Trust always
a must. Friendship given.
Commitment grown. Our love
one day full blown.

Give me you. I’ll give you
me. Just be sure you can do
so completely. Uniquely just
to me.

If you let me I’ll show you.
Just like this. You touch
me. I’ll touch you. Romance
floats above. In between
making it thick, instead of thin.

Let your beats match my rhythm.
So our rhymes transcend all time.
let’s make it timeless. Forever
and always. Love me. Like this.
It’s my only wish.

Moon Light

In the moon light there are
Hints of your gaze
A smile cast upon your face
Making me feel filled
With heavenly grace

Like the beauty of onyx
Your smooth dark chocolate
Skin does nothing less
Than draw me in…

In the moon light I sit still
Thinking of you, allowing my
Thoughts to become future
Desires, allowing my wants
Of you and me to completely be…

Like knowing we’ll marry
I envision your proposal–
Yea, sounds crazy, I know
But our family I can see
Started in love just you and me…

In the moon light I rest my
Eyes upon your face, eventually
Allowing my haze to
Dissipate, just in time to
Hear you say…I love you babe

In the moon light I gently
Caress your skin
Before I plant my soft kisses
All over your face, just
To simply say thank
You…while the moon
Light gives my love all to you.

In love with Ideas

***NEWS FLASH*** I humbly accept the “Perfect Poet” Award for Thursday Poetry Rally Week 57. It’s been so long since I’ve participated and won this award that I am really excited. Further my nomination for Week 58 goes to… Cherlyn for “You’ve Taken My Voice”
( )

I’m in love with the idea of being in love.
Did you hear what I said? I’m in love.
With the idea. Of being in love. Yes, that
Is correct. The idea suits me just fine.
I might even be inclined to say I love
Things just the way they are—cuz why not?
Everything seems just fine. I’m in love with
the idea of being in love. Shooting stars
from the greatest clouds up above. Shinning
bright moons and sparkling skies. The
Heavens opened up and here is
Where I welcomed you. I’m in love
With the idea of being in love. Yes, that’s
Correct. I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but it’s true, indeed for I would
Never make an attempt to deceive. So just
believe to see the truth in me when I say
These words, out loud they sound,
triumphantly I called out in a subtle shout
grasping your attention, as the wind carries
soft whispers of sweet I love you’s…again
I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but I only speak truth.

Ideas, just words, emotion shown
Through love, love of ideas, love
Falling from the heavens up above.
Love from the father, son and holy
Ghost. Love just emotion turned up
Extra high, balanced by love matched
Also heaven sent…just right
Specially picked. I’m in love with the
Idea, of being in love. I’m in love with
Love and differing ideas on exactly
What love should be. Again, I say
I’m in love…with love.


I am exceptional.
And definitely NOT
Just because my
Mother, says so—

I am exceptional as
I spread my wings
Flying higher than
Bald eagles.

I am exceptional
As I exponentially
Raise the bar higher
And higher—
Demanding with
Conviction from
Hours and hours
Of time spent
That I am—exceptional.

I am exceptional.
It shows from the glow
That rest upon—post,
Marking the target,
Setting the goal,
Moving forward with
Passion, to conquer
showing no fear.

I am exceptional.
And no, it’s not just
Cuz my momma
Told me so…

I am exceptional.
From the soles of my
Feet, through the wiggle
Of each toe; Exceptional
I am while I declare
And give command—
Thank God Almighty,
“I’m free at last” and
that most certainly
most absolutely, and
astutely means that—