It’s so funny to witness all your insecurities
It’s all amusing to me how you let all of me
get a good hold on all your inabilities
It’s obvious to see that you’re insecurities
Have made you weak, Is it accurate to say
That your insecurities have you stalking me
It’s more than plain to see that you’re
Jealous of all that I be and it’s okay
I’m stuntin on a level that you’ll never reach
It’s more than funny you see cuz your
Insecurities only effect you not me
Childish and immature, a lot to learn
For you is in store, but remember your
Insecurities don’t have you naggin me
I only, wonder, why your insecurities
Are so deep…maybe there’s more to
the story that hasn’t been revealed to me
Not for one second should you think
That I need to be on a creep, I love
Myself to much to ever disrespect to me
It’s a pity you see that you’re insecurities
Have made me the bane of all that exist
In you…all the while I am secure
And confident in all that exist to be me

Who is this Man?

it is with unmerited favor
that he declares this hold on me
he decided he could not, and that
I could be subsided and now
he angrily tells me that I look
thirsty…his anger builds because
I won’t yield…his jealousy
rises because I look for another
but he’s already got his own
it seems to me as though he believes
because we decided to be friends
that that means I wait in the wings
for him to decide that he again
wants me…the absurdity that brings
is surely something, when friends
are supposed, to be- just and happy…
but i guess it should be that
I remain lonely because
he thinks he wants me

as if all he’s done can be undone
and the trust I once had will
reappear…oh what a pity
is all I hear…this whole
situation is just so unclear
is all my mind can hear…