Silence Broken…

with gratitude, compassion is my attitude,
donations, support, confirmation – I’m totally doing my part
Focus, surrender, love, God-given, tender,
Like a mothers’ unconditional heart, my desire to empower
survivors has always been real – wisdom I must impart

God’s putting me to the test with uneasy task, humbling myself,
to simply make that ask, God turning it over and over into an
abundance, overflowing with love, support,
happy darts from you, straight to my heart –

All because, I’ve found and I see the discipline of being
intentional with you and me, to ask from the start, the works
of the Lord, they all supplement my heart through your hands

I give all thanks of abundance to the great I AM
I decree, I declare an abundance in this atmosphere
Go Fund Me you see and pour out support for this
violence afflicted community

For healing, God, I think you, for awareness and clarity
no longer blind to a cause the entire world must see
because violence holds consequence and I’m here to come
to the support the survivors defense

Empowered against the silence, each woman stepping away
from and past domestic violence and into the light of
their brilliant abundance.

Blameless they are not, for you this I’ve fought, tearing
down cultures os hame, I walk with you and I want to know
your name, because violence cannot be forgotten, nor silence,
nor watered down, she has a name and this victim, you shall
not blame.

Support my efforts to attend #theblackupstart2k15 bootcamp and product development and production cost! I’m healing survivors and changing the culture of shame attached to violence.


Power of Prayer

As this seems to be my venue of whatever I’m feeling, thinking or simply just wanting to share.  Please lift my sissy up in prayer…she’s currently expecting and she’s not due until March 9th…she’s currently at the hospital – has been there since yesterday in Labor & Delivery…because her amniotic fluid is lower than it should be and the baby’s heart rate had dropped.  They’ve given her 1 of 2 steroid shots to develop the baby’s lungs and will keep her there over night again tonight.  Baby heart rate has not gone back up but is steady and not decreasing.  She’s hooked up to an IV to get fluids and we’re just praying for the best…my new niece is only 3lbs in the womb and we need her to stay in there longer.  My sissy has to have stress test and is being taken off work and they will be closely monitoring her for the next two weeks and hopefully longer. But they think if baby weight goes up within the next two weeks it won’t be too much of an issue to delivery early.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers and warm wishes…may God bless you all.

Blessings of Birthdays…

“Born in sound that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…born in sound…that’s where I’m found…with the disc going round & round & round…” you know that tune if you’re Coltrane Conscious…and if you know me, you can hear me singing it! (ONE MIND)


Giving all PRAISES to Him who is MOST HIGH!!!! I thank God for seeing me through to another year. I am so blessed, I just made it to 26 yrs today and I couldn’t be in a better place. God is such an awesome God and seeing that I have been on my new coast for 3 weeks and 1 day I can’t say that I have any real complaints…the weather’s a little strange today and my allergies are attacking me with the vengeance but even that cannot make me feel like today is not MY DAY.


To all my friends and family, associates and etc…I thank you all so much for your happy birthday wishes, your bestowment of blessings and your thoughts of peace…I appreciate you all so much and wouldn’t be where I am today if God had not surrounded me by you! I love you all with all my heart and could never thank you enough!


“Born in sound, that’s where I’m found, Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior, thank you oh God, I praise your name…Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior…Born in sound…that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…”