¡pWrite…Full Circle

Once again I’m back in this place…you know where creativity takes over and brings you full circle? I think some of yall can feel me, maybe even hear me…but these are not just words but my feelings because I’ve not been feeling like working with my craft…I suppose in a world of thought and sometimes that may be just exactly what is necessary! but it’s back that craving desire…that burning flava that artist use to toss words here and there with much consideration and sometimes not even one single care…but words that paint pictures creating images of thoughts turning to words…you know like vibrations from my rythem…can you hear me…or even feel me…all I’m saying is that once again I’m back in this place.

It’s funny because when I picked up my laptop and decided that I wanted to write I simply wanted to share that…it’s been a minute since I’ve felt like writing…which is of course a strange and foreign concept – despite the fact that it’s really not foreign because it’s happened before…LOL **SMH** I digress. But all in all I’m back to wanting to write.

I’m just excited about the things God is doing in my life and thankful for the continual blessing that are bestowed upon me with favor. Give thanks…Give thanks…it’s Holy week…Resurrection Sunday is only days away…I feel like there is so much that I want to get started and completed this week that it’s gong to just fly….bye!

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



What is in a day other than what you make in that day? Ha nothing! I had a late night last night catching up with the girls so I didn’t make it to the 8am gym class I wanted to attend. It’s called P.O.W.E.R Hit! It’s a 90 minute class sounds torturous and I was excited about it but four hours of sleep wasn’t going to cut it. So looks like today will be a chores day….the life of a grown up


Better day a lot to think about but I didn’t really mediate today…I should have. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my girls tonight. I’m glad to get to see another west coast face in the crowd. The weekend is starting and all I’ll be doing is thinking thinking thinking…But after much thought work will begin to be done. Enjoy the weekend yall.


Today wasn’t a good day at all – the devil is alive and a liar! I will not let Satan steal my joy though…”I’ve had my share of ups and downs, times when there was no one around, God came and spoke these words to me…praise will confuse the enemy, so I started singing, I started clapping I started dancing, people we’re laughing, they knew my problems, they knew my pain, but I knew God would take them away.” So I will bless the Lord – because after the news I got yesterday everything else is like a peon…


The conference call I had today went great [well the call was a mess the end result is what mattered]…still not quite ready to exactly share the news with the blog-is-phere…but thank God all in the same. Work this week has been going smoothly…it feels good when you can get all organized in every area of your life…I still have some spring cleaning to get to at home and I have to get it done soon because I need to be fully organized and prepared once this new journey starts in less than one month!!!! All is going well I had a great work out at the gym and would have stayed an extra hour had the powerflex instructor not called off…any way be blessed!!!

You Hindered Me…

Angrily, infuriated by the
Lies the deceit, all the ways
You misrepresented yourself
With me…but you see
Maybe I too, told little white
Lies, come on don’t act surprised
You never believed in me
As you see, you were much too busy
Selling lies of a lifeless dream
Sewn at the seam by
Nothing more than
Angry frustrations of countless
Times where I believed
Your words were not
Lies, nor deceit, neither
Misrepresentations because
It was you that asked for me
It was you that got together
It was you that was the mastermind
Which is probably why
I never even saw it coming
Blinded and by the waste
Side…trailing off, falling
Short from victories
Because your lies, intertwined
With webs of deceit
Have surely entangled
Me and I am no longer
Free…for Mis-representation

***NOTE: This piece was written for Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck…this weeks theme is Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation***


I went to PowerFlex (strength training) today…not so bad…not so easy but not so bad…I also saw a decrease on the scale which means my work outs have been doing me some justice! The instructor gave us an article about weight lifting and all the benefits it brings so that was cool…motivational for sure to keep me lifting weights instead of trying to only increase my cardio…I can tell my core is getting stronger with each workout…

I also made extreme progress in another area of my life and after tomorrow everything will be more finalized and I’ll prepare to share…I’m really excited though because God is doing amazing things in my life.


I always want to say each season starts on the 21st when in actuality spring started yesterday…warmer weather to bring happier moods and this puts me even closer to my spring vacation…I’ve been working on my future plans and things seem to be coming together…I didn’t work out again today…but I’m back in the gym for sure tomorrow! I don’t really have much else to share…God Bless!


This weekend has been a very nice weekend. Despite the fact that I locked keys in my car and [thought] I lost my trustee iPhone…the night was not ruined…and actually when we thought things were a bust they got better because of an inappropriate mention of Kitty Litter…LOL Now as I sit hear sipping on country peach tea I’m excited for the beginning of a new week…I’m ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way…

I hope to get quite a bit done today including finally writing out my goals.

Your Picture


Your picture is still in its frame
The photo of both you and I
We look so happy smiling
Looking at the camera ready
Together for a moment that
Marks part of our history

That day was the happiest day
Of your educational career
Recipient of your judicial doctorate
I stood smiling beaming with
Joy and pride for you

Your picture it still remains
In its frame the photo of both
You and i…I can’t take it down
I stare at it and shake my head
Wondering how it all came to an end

That day you said it was over
As tears streamed down my face
That day you told me there couldn’t
Be a you and me…my words seemed to
Mean nothing to you

Your picture still in its frame
It sits upon my desk, holding
Both me and you…before you walked
Away from me, leaving me with
Tears, saddened…I relive & relive
That moment and still your back I see



I watched a documentary today – actually one I’ve seen before-but I still enjoyed watching it again. It was called Born into Brothels. This photographer was so selfless in her efforts to get these children into boarding schools and out of the red light district their mothers’ work in…this was not an easy task but there was success…and to think this all came about from her teaching them photography!

I indulged in one other documentary yesterday and it was called red and white and it was about these identical twins…and their discovery of their sexuality. It was interesting and I watch both of these courtesy of Netflix.

I also had a conference call taking care of some very important business and started chores…I think today has been productive and all without TV well I’ve got the music channel on…but that doesn’t count 🙂

She’s Pretty


He tells her that she is pretty
As he softly caresses her cheek
He tells her she is the pretty girl with bangs
As he gazes into her…relishing in every
Inch of her soul

He gently kisses the pretty girl with bangs
As he takes her hand into his…she smiles
As he continues to hold her hand planting
His soft kisses on her freckles…she refrains
From taking her hand away, even as his kisses
Stop and he stares into her soul with intensity,
With fire maybe even desires…

He tells her that she is pretty
As he softly caresses her cheek
He tells her she is pretty
While she imagines him
Forever in her arms



Thank God it’s Friday! It’s a very warm day today – a sandal day! I know spring is only days away but I’m still very surprised that we’re getting such a warm day in March. Nothing exciting has happened still holding true to the commitment goals. I am however excited to hang out with the girls this evening! There’s nothing greater than pass times with friends. Have a great weekend everybody.



I exhale, overwhelmed
With emotions that have
Consumed, me dis-illusioned me
Upset me, cause my balance
To be unsteady, off course
Why so early have we already
Encountered our divorce?

I exhale not with glee
But due to this sadness
That losing u have brought
About to me…so just as
Before I write for u
Only now when I write
It’s not due to the joy
That was brought to me

I exhale wishing I’d never
Shared you existence with
All those I love, now they
Will question what the hell
Went wrong…defeated
I will say just like the others
He decided to turn and walk away



Am I the only one who forgot to wear green today? LOL…I spoke with a familiar friend today and had a delightful conversation….I find that I now have more time for telephone calls [though aren’t phone calls a thing of the past? LOL]…and with comcast being broken I have no sense of time when I’m sitting in the living room…so here I am blogging at 11:50pm…Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday…and it’s going to be warm! yay! I’m so excited that the cold is finally moving away.

I started another step in my spiritual wellness today which includes making sure life is secure…so that was exciting to do…I have new strict guidelines I’m going to adhere to…possibly beyond this phase in my spiritual journey. I’m excited. And God has blessed me to be able to go on vacation this spring! I’m way too excited about this!