I’m once again in the library on my grind. I’m taking a short break so I decided to write. This will be short and sweet 🙂 I’m gaining much momentum in this thing called life as I make plans, execute them and remove them from my list of things to do. I have been going to yoga courtesy of this living social deal that was 15 classes for $15 and when I first started going can I say it was like death trying to get those dang poses and stretches and now I’m getting better and stronger! I might just be ready to venture off on my own once I’m finished with the classes from the deal. Today I was in there sweating my life away asking myself if it was due to the fact that an hour before I had some coffee…either way after yoga is over the stress is always gone from my shoulders–which is wear I hold stress…I’ve not had any true motivation to write any poetry but hopefully the motivation will come back…it’s hard for me to write and channel my emotions to write when my life feels at peace.

Peace & Blessing


pWrite…”Happy” weight

Good morning – or Good day maybe…I’m excited to be on a new schedule in this thing called life. I think I’m now seriously motivated to live a healthier life style…I was up at 6am out the door to go for a run by 6:20am (or so) back home by 7am – and the best part that was only the morning workout…I’m headed to the gym straight after work. This all started because the holidays along with my laziness packed on the pounds…then after that I gained 8 more pounds…I’ve lost about 14lbs…but to get to the my goal weight – which is what I weight when I first moved to the East Coast 2yrs ago is still 20 lbs away…my mother called that 20 lbs “Happy” weight – I’m sorry letting myself get thicker was not “happy” no…not one bit but she swears falling in love equates to this “happy” weight…but either way with my spring vacation approaching and the swimwear purchased…I’ve stepped it into high gear…mentally coaching myself to get up and run in the mornings. I’m excited for the progress I’ll soon get to see…I’m also in a get fit challenge with my girls who are also going on the spring vacation to see who reaches their goal by May 9th and therefore wins the money!!!!


We all want happiness, right? I came across a script I want to share with you all… “a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Proverbs 13:19 –what a beautiful scripture that is…I found this little love book and I was looking through the pages and stopped when I came across the page discussing the 7 requirements for happiness.  As I read them I thought wow I want all those things and all those things definitely make me happy – so I’m now sharing them with you wishing you happiness in the attainment of these 7 things.

According to Mark & Debra Laser there are 7 requirements for happiness

The Seven Universal Desires (in which God created us with):

1.       The desire to be heard and understood

2.       The desire to be affirmed

3.       The desire to be blessed

4.       The desire to be safe

5.       The desire to be touched

6.       The desire to be chosen

7.       The desire to be included

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


pWrite…updates I guess

It’s been a few days since I’ve done a pWrite – my bad! I’ve been so busy at work (which is when I normally post) that despite the fact that I’d written post I didn’t post them…I digress. Things are going…There are only what 7 days left in the week and I guess about 2 weeks before lent starts – so I really am ready to get things in order and finalized to generate and commit to self discipline and spiritual growth and abundance.

Let’s see sugar – well it is what it is – last week went great but seems like because I decided to give it up I want to have it more – which further shows me my rebelliousness to the rules! *ridiculous* but we still have the rest of the month to go and I know I got this [for I’ve planned out meals/snacks for the week].

Workouts – these are going well despite the fact that I didn’t work out today (and not that it’s too late to hit the gym now] but I’m not…

Meditation – haven’t done this in a few days either…but it’s all great because I’m learning in the process still – despite the fact that I don’t do everything everyday…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


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¡pWrite…work it out


It is Coltrane Challenge day 4 and I’ve been listening to the soothing sounds of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” for 2 days in a row now! Today was my first workout after a while…whew 1 my workout clothes are a little snug [a clear indication of holiday fat that’s still hanging around]. 2 it wore me out! 3 I love zumba! I realized my gym shoes need to be upgraded because they are not optimally comfortable…so I’m now on the hunt for some reliable yet inexpensive gym shoes. Healthier living is challenging there’s a lot more meal planning that needs to happen because if I’m working out but not eating right, what’s the point? [well I’ll probably be better off working out than not] I digress…This week hasn’t been so hot with the sugar but I can admit that…OMG the month is going to be half way over so I’ve got to get this right…I drank coffee with vanilla syrup…as soon as I tasted it I realized I hadn’t asked for the sugar free vanilla syrup but I was long gone from Starbucks at that point so I just drank it…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

¡pWrite…Gym Bag


It is Coltrane Challenge day 3 and I’ve been listening to the soothing sounds of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” on repeat all day! This may have helped in this being a very peaceful and serene [work] day. In other news I’m moving further in the challenges to self that these pWrites generate…I just started a trial membership @ the gym by my job…[though I’m already a member somewhere else] this is because it’s so cold that I’d rather just be able to walk downstairs and work out…this means I park here for free (courtesy of my job) and for the next 30 days…well minus weekends because I’ll go to my regular gym on weekends…I don’t have the extra step of driving to my gym…now I’ve planned out the classes I want to take after work…but I need to also plan some cardio and/or strength training to do outside of the class. I’m committing to 2 hours of gym time everyday…whew yes yes I said it…now I need to start meditating to get me to love these actual workouts…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…the work out wonder [LOL]



It is Coltrane Challenge day 2 and I’m enjoying the waves of Kpoo.com – Uplift segment…this week I’m fighting the woes of not wanting to hit the gym but needing to start a work out regime to keep myself in good physical health. What I really need to do is mediate on working out! But I am going down to the gym today to get things back in the grove. I’ve made a schedule for classes that I’m interested in taking that are after work…looking for some variety (the spice of life, right?). Anyhow, short and sweet today…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



Everything changes, right? I’m still trying to get in the habit of writing 2011 and as I’m still getting used to the use of only positive words [lemme tell you] road rage from dealing with idiotic city drives doesn’t help my case! I’m trying to make a conscious effort of putting myself in the use of positive habits, which seems hard with this awful and dreadful weather on the east coast…but “this too shall pass.”

Today I am embarking upon some life planning and in that I’m planning for physical wellness (workout schedule & nutritional upkeep). I’m about to commit to a no sugar “diet” for the month of February. That’s gong to be 28 days of no sugar…not even sugar from fruit…so I’ll be taking this 1 day at a time I’m confident that this will go well…I mean it has to for the sake of my own self discipline.

In other news – while looking for one thing or another today I re-encountered the book I bought last year called Journey to the Well which I now plan to use in aid of my mediation!


God Bless…

Ms. Peaches

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Today was a successful day. I thought less profanity I said less for sure…but more importantly I gave thought to this whole process of self growth and meditation. I mean mediation is said to be so great, a wonder for the soul, true holistic cleansing, right? But what is it that I want to meditate on that will help me be a better me and take me back to my true self. So tomorrow I will take my first re-attempt to making mediation a part of my every day life. I’m taking small steps but hopefully steps that help me attain the kind of growth that I’m looking for…I’m keeping this post short and sweet but I appreciate your reading!


Love always,

Ms. Peaches…