In love with Ideas

***NEWS FLASH*** I humbly accept the “Perfect Poet” Award for Thursday Poetry Rally Week 57. It’s been so long since I’ve participated and won this award that I am really excited. Further my nomination for Week 58 goes to… Cherlyn for “You’ve Taken My Voice”
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I’m in love with the idea of being in love.
Did you hear what I said? I’m in love.
With the idea. Of being in love. Yes, that
Is correct. The idea suits me just fine.
I might even be inclined to say I love
Things just the way they are—cuz why not?
Everything seems just fine. I’m in love with
the idea of being in love. Shooting stars
from the greatest clouds up above. Shinning
bright moons and sparkling skies. The
Heavens opened up and here is
Where I welcomed you. I’m in love
With the idea of being in love. Yes, that’s
Correct. I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but it’s true, indeed for I would
Never make an attempt to deceive. So just
believe to see the truth in me when I say
These words, out loud they sound,
triumphantly I called out in a subtle shout
grasping your attention, as the wind carries
soft whispers of sweet I love you’s…again
I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but I only speak truth.

Ideas, just words, emotion shown
Through love, love of ideas, love
Falling from the heavens up above.
Love from the father, son and holy
Ghost. Love just emotion turned up
Extra high, balanced by love matched
Also heaven sent…just right
Specially picked. I’m in love with the
Idea, of being in love. I’m in love with
Love and differing ideas on exactly
What love should be. Again, I say
I’m in love…with love.


Now I see.

I have truly let you go
I see the light, for the
Tunnel is bright, not
Dimly lit, it shines
Smiling on all of the
Great time we spent
The good times we
Shared…the love we

I close my eyes and
See your image, my
Minds eye, vivid—all
That is you and I…I mean
All that was you and I
See it flash within my
Eyes—deeply I smile

I let go of the hope
To one day be your
Wife, it does not seem
That would be our
Destiny—in love I let
Go but I’ll always
Love you so—I once
Upon a time wished
You to be the one.

I once upon a time
Wished that I would
Be for you, as you to me,
I held long onto
That dream, I held
Tight for all hopes
That one day it might
Actually be.

Then reality you see
Knocked me down,
Down right to my
Knees, yelling at me
To see, with tears
In my eyes I finally
Understood why.

I need love you see.
To hear it, to feel it
To see it, to touch it
I need assurance
That our love is
True between you
And me…I needed
To hear that you loved
Me…I needed consistency
I needed you to love me.
NO. I needed you to be open
To showing me, and yes! Telling
Me, unconditionally how
Much you loved me.

Patient I was, patient I
Tried, tears weld up,
Falling from my eyes
I held on, I held on, I let go
But still I held on…hoping
Too hard, that this wasn’t our
Reality, hoping too hard
There would still be a
You and me…now knowing,
I let go…now opening my
Eyes to see…I understand.

Before reluctantly, even
Hesitantly, now with
Confidence and peace
Now with love and peace
Now understanding it
Was the past that shared
Me and you. Now I see.


**Thursday Poetry Rally: Week 57**

Free (Poetry Potluck wk 45)

In life I am free…I am free
I am free, naturally by nature
I am free to smile, I am free to
Love, free to laugh and never
Cry, free to live and not die
Naturally nature has set me free
Allowing me to be the person
I love most to be, through
Troubles and fears, hiding
Behind a mask, running from
Misery trying to find your joy
I stop to look back at yesterday
Realizing that the troubles of
Another day are not today and
I am free to know that I can
Smile for I am free…laughter
So loud it roars like thunder
Smile so bright it’s been mistaken
For God’s illuminating life…
Naturally by nature life has given
Me love so free I’m abound by
Hope to and free, free to life my
Hands, free to scream at the mountain
Tops…thank you God…Amen.

What is History to me…?–Poetry Potluck (Wk 47)

What is history, what does it mean
To me? Stories in books, that hold
False truths being engrained over
And over and over again, but the
Stories told, so bold, and deceptive
They hold truths not belonging
To me, not my friends nor my
Family, but this is History,
Stories built upon lies for centuries
Lies for the entire world to see,
to learn, to believe as truths of
lives non—known by either
you or me…History deemed
my people to be less than
that which we were born to be
stories you see, of disease, and
animal like qualities, stories
respected to just be when
they are no real depiction
of you nor me…my people
my friends or my family
HISTORY, just stories
Of lies upon lies telling, stories
Of how things used to be,
Instead of focusing on the
Changes we need in this
Current thing called reality

Dead of Night…(Poetry Potluck) Wk-46

Soft whispers, hypnotize
My minds eye, creating
Visionary memories of
You and me, but when
Reality returns, there is
Only me, standing alone,
While life moves around
Me, still I stand, unable
To quite understand,
How you couldn’t give
Me your love, how you
Couldn’t open your heart
Until love was already gone

How could it be that now
You’re able to say, I love u
To me? Still, it arrives, reality
Does not bring you back to
Me…visionary memories
Drive me crazy, thirty
Minutes have gone, by
I stand, STILL, in the
Middle, of…well, I’m
Not sure where I am…

Light there is no more,
Life around me is still
Reminiscent I stand,
Longing for what could
Have been, you and me
While, I shed, love rivers
For love no more, finally
I just let you fly, and I
Continue now my journey
Out of the dead of night…

NOTE to Poets/Readers:
I’m very excited to be rejoining the poetry community. I’ve not being writing like I normally enjoy to do but something has been re-ignited and I can’t ready everyones post!

Not Fear

Monday Poetry Potluck
Theme: Doubts,Fears, Inhibitions and Hesitations

It was my self-doubts
And even fears that
Brought about the tears
When I let fears dictate
And create hesitations
Bringing near what
Was dear, sending
Me crashing with pure
Inhibitory fear! But
Now it’s clear that
Hesitating with doubts
Was not what it should
Have been about, so now
Turned about, I’ve ridden
Myself of ALL doubt, kicked
Fear in the rear and let
Self-inhibitors coated
With hesitations fear me
As I continue to be strong
In all that is me…

Nostalgically I capture thee

Poetry Potluck Wk 29 –
Theme: Photographs, Memories and Nostalgia

Nostalgically, I stare at thee,
Bound with precision
Creating depictions of
Memories captured
Through lenses that allowed
My eyes and others to see
Photographs of sharing
Memories captured of
Timeless youth, of adventures
Un-thought, but sought

Memorabilia as evidence
Scrapbooked with ease of
Thought, in an attempt
To share photos of
Memories with generations
To come…

Nostalgically, I share with
Thee my past in our future
Sharing stories of good times
And bad times, scripted
Or not – you’ll see all my thoughts
As I share with my future
My past

You Hindered Me…

Angrily, infuriated by the
Lies the deceit, all the ways
You misrepresented yourself
With me…but you see
Maybe I too, told little white
Lies, come on don’t act surprised
You never believed in me
As you see, you were much too busy
Selling lies of a lifeless dream
Sewn at the seam by
Nothing more than
Angry frustrations of countless
Times where I believed
Your words were not
Lies, nor deceit, neither
Misrepresentations because
It was you that asked for me
It was you that got together
It was you that was the mastermind
Which is probably why
I never even saw it coming
Blinded and by the waste
Side…trailing off, falling
Short from victories
Because your lies, intertwined
With webs of deceit
Have surely entangled
Me and I am no longer
Free…for Mis-representation

***NOTE: This piece was written for Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck…this weeks theme is Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation***

My Hero (Monday Poetry Potluck)

She stands tall, her stature
a sight for everyone that
sees, not too tall, not so
small, but bright is her
smile, compassionate with
care, kindness and sincere
but as day turns to night
she’s ready to fight, the little
peoples’ hero, she battles
crime until the dawn
with comic books, crazed,
her cartoon was more
than a little girl phase
as each young girl, grows
no longer young, just grown
she still lives with, each
of them, their hero
forever and all the day long.

**Note: This week’s theme is cartoons, sci-fi and super heroes**


hmph, my temple
is my sanctum, at
peace not free, for
this temple, you see
it doesn’t out right
belong to me, it was
entrusted to me
to be treated with
respect and lots of care
so as this temple
is blessed, I try to
keep out all mess,
sometimes I fail, but
my temple, I mean,
this temple, is still
my sanctum, it’s
still our home…

A Pad & A Pen [Perfect Poet Award (Jingle Poetry Rally)]

It is my pleasure to nominate Marlee-I of Mystic Mountain for her piece “A Message to the Young Lady

Here’s my Acceptance piece…

A Pad and Pin

Man, I need to keep
A pen and pad near
Me, cuz every time
I’m in that lazy
Moment, rhymes
Starting hitting me

I wanna write it down
But then I just think
It to myself
Thinking, damn,
I’ll remember it
In the morning

But in reality, once
The sleep sinks in
I’m not remembering
Not even my last sin

So I’m laying here
Utilizing modern
Technology, hoping
That these rhymes
Don’t get the best of me

Cuz if I had a pen and pad
I’d be writing, you wouldn’t
Be sad you could feel
All my energy, trust me

But Imma still be lazy
And just lay here
Thinking of my rhymes

Wishing I had a pad and
A pen, a pen and pad
A pad and a pen…

Friends (Week 38 Thursday Rally)

I miss my friends
the great times, the good
times, the laughs, the cries
discoveries of social clubs
personified by each one
different persons life

I miss my friends, through
songs sung and rhymes
put with rhythms, creating
hooks, blazing versus
naming Phoreses Fields-

I miss my firneds
sharing coconuts, tripping
off this matrix called life
while few enjoy the
fat joys that pizza brings

I miss my friends
toppings of our
talents, we leave
behind, as we
build monuments
touching hearts
showing mankind

I miss my friends.

Beautifully more Better

Priceless, are the things
I feel when I amiably
just let love spill
Just when I thought the
feelings had ceased to
exist I begin to feel
them again on this day
of love…

Friendship, more important
then we ever understand
but friendship makes love
commit, accountable
when wronged Friend-
ship brought love…

Relationships, progress
with time, and love grows
making everything better
because love is love…

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As I…

As I aspire, it’s with
much thought that
goals and ambitions
form un-delayed, like
words transcribed on
your Sunday news-
paper page, with sage
not rage, I aim for goals, flying high
so high, they float
beyond the sky
making monuments
of souls intent to
be more than, or better
than, to simply not
be set on being
content, after all, I
mean I am…heaven sent

Gods Peace

it is Gods peace that I seek
this peace, surpasses any
understanding that I need

Peace like the calming
of a rapid and rough
sea, Gods peace you
see, it relaxes me

a spirit calmed is a
spirit that runs deep
even abundantly so
i tell this to you, as
i practice it for me

Seek Gods peace for
the relaxation of your
spirits needs, and I
promise, your soul
will be complete, filled
and at all ease…