City he Cleans

Every morning I see him there
dressed in a bright beautiful blue
one that can be seen by all driving
by his way…he also wears a neon
yellow, orange and white striped vest

In his hand is a broom, he sweeps
motions of right and left, forwards and
backwards, or front to back and side
to side…he cleans this city

this man not of grave stature
but meticulous in each movement
he cleans this city, his motions
keep this place we all live in clean
and to me it is this one man
that I see every day as I pass
this way who cleans this city
and keeps it clean…


My Best Friends Wedding…

So since it’s been so long since I’ve really been able to just sit down and release my thoughts I’m going to start at the biggest event that I think took place since my last post…hmmm but there are some other things that I will post just for update sake.

My college B.F.F. got married on Aug. 2nd…she looked absolutely beautiful. What most awesome about this story is that out of all my friends she was the one who always said she wasn’t getting married…turns out she was the first. I was so excited because one this is the first wedding I had ever been extended and invitation to be a part of the actual wedding party and she’s my best friend.

Her wedding color was victorian lilac, great choice! Turns out that the day before I was to head to her house to help with everything I had gotten laid off from my job and decided I was going to move to the east coast. So being a part of the bridal party is a lot of work….by the time the weekend came to an end I was exhausted, but so happy to have been able to share the moment with her.

All in all the ceremony was beautiful, I was more nervous than I thought I’d be and you can tell in all the pictures of the bridal party walking down the aisle…however I definitely thought I was smiling…but apparently I wasn’t. The pictures of the actual wedding party that were taken after were great though.

I ended up being the MC of the reception…which was very strange to me cuz we really had made some major last minute changes and I had never run a reception before but it all worked out. I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off to make sure the bride and groom didn’t have to worry too much because it was there day but man oh man once it was all over and done I was extremely happy to have been able to be a part in such a memorable day.