In love with Ideas

***NEWS FLASH*** I humbly accept the “Perfect Poet” Award for Thursday Poetry Rally Week 57. It’s been so long since I’ve participated and won this award that I am really excited. Further my nomination for Week 58 goes to… Cherlyn for “You’ve Taken My Voice”
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I’m in love with the idea of being in love.
Did you hear what I said? I’m in love.
With the idea. Of being in love. Yes, that
Is correct. The idea suits me just fine.
I might even be inclined to say I love
Things just the way they are—cuz why not?
Everything seems just fine. I’m in love with
the idea of being in love. Shooting stars
from the greatest clouds up above. Shinning
bright moons and sparkling skies. The
Heavens opened up and here is
Where I welcomed you. I’m in love
With the idea of being in love. Yes, that’s
Correct. I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but it’s true, indeed for I would
Never make an attempt to deceive. So just
believe to see the truth in me when I say
These words, out loud they sound,
triumphantly I called out in a subtle shout
grasping your attention, as the wind carries
soft whispers of sweet I love you’s…again
I laugh at the thought of how absurd
It may sound but I only speak truth.

Ideas, just words, emotion shown
Through love, love of ideas, love
Falling from the heavens up above.
Love from the father, son and holy
Ghost. Love just emotion turned up
Extra high, balanced by love matched
Also heaven sent…just right
Specially picked. I’m in love with the
Idea, of being in love. I’m in love with
Love and differing ideas on exactly
What love should be. Again, I say
I’m in love…with love.


Now I see.

I have truly let you go
I see the light, for the
Tunnel is bright, not
Dimly lit, it shines
Smiling on all of the
Great time we spent
The good times we
Shared…the love we

I close my eyes and
See your image, my
Minds eye, vivid—all
That is you and I…I mean
All that was you and I
See it flash within my
Eyes—deeply I smile

I let go of the hope
To one day be your
Wife, it does not seem
That would be our
Destiny—in love I let
Go but I’ll always
Love you so—I once
Upon a time wished
You to be the one.

I once upon a time
Wished that I would
Be for you, as you to me,
I held long onto
That dream, I held
Tight for all hopes
That one day it might
Actually be.

Then reality you see
Knocked me down,
Down right to my
Knees, yelling at me
To see, with tears
In my eyes I finally
Understood why.

I need love you see.
To hear it, to feel it
To see it, to touch it
I need assurance
That our love is
True between you
And me…I needed
To hear that you loved
Me…I needed consistency
I needed you to love me.
NO. I needed you to be open
To showing me, and yes! Telling
Me, unconditionally how
Much you loved me.

Patient I was, patient I
Tried, tears weld up,
Falling from my eyes
I held on, I held on, I let go
But still I held on…hoping
Too hard, that this wasn’t our
Reality, hoping too hard
There would still be a
You and me…now knowing,
I let go…now opening my
Eyes to see…I understand.

Before reluctantly, even
Hesitantly, now with
Confidence and peace
Now with love and peace
Now understanding it
Was the past that shared
Me and you. Now I see.


**Thursday Poetry Rally: Week 57**

Dead of Night…(Poetry Potluck) Wk-46

Soft whispers, hypnotize
My minds eye, creating
Visionary memories of
You and me, but when
Reality returns, there is
Only me, standing alone,
While life moves around
Me, still I stand, unable
To quite understand,
How you couldn’t give
Me your love, how you
Couldn’t open your heart
Until love was already gone

How could it be that now
You’re able to say, I love u
To me? Still, it arrives, reality
Does not bring you back to
Me…visionary memories
Drive me crazy, thirty
Minutes have gone, by
I stand, STILL, in the
Middle, of…well, I’m
Not sure where I am…

Light there is no more,
Life around me is still
Reminiscent I stand,
Longing for what could
Have been, you and me
While, I shed, love rivers
For love no more, finally
I just let you fly, and I
Continue now my journey
Out of the dead of night…

NOTE to Poets/Readers:
I’m very excited to be rejoining the poetry community. I’ve not being writing like I normally enjoy to do but something has been re-ignited and I can’t ready everyones post!

A Pad & A Pen [Perfect Poet Award (Jingle Poetry Rally)]

It is my pleasure to nominate Marlee-I of Mystic Mountain for her piece “A Message to the Young Lady

Here’s my Acceptance piece…

A Pad and Pin

Man, I need to keep
A pen and pad near
Me, cuz every time
I’m in that lazy
Moment, rhymes
Starting hitting me

I wanna write it down
But then I just think
It to myself
Thinking, damn,
I’ll remember it
In the morning

But in reality, once
The sleep sinks in
I’m not remembering
Not even my last sin

So I’m laying here
Utilizing modern
Technology, hoping
That these rhymes
Don’t get the best of me

Cuz if I had a pen and pad
I’d be writing, you wouldn’t
Be sad you could feel
All my energy, trust me

But Imma still be lazy
And just lay here
Thinking of my rhymes

Wishing I had a pad and
A pen, a pen and pad
A pad and a pen…

Friends (Week 38 Thursday Rally)

I miss my friends
the great times, the good
times, the laughs, the cries
discoveries of social clubs
personified by each one
different persons life

I miss my friends, through
songs sung and rhymes
put with rhythms, creating
hooks, blazing versus
naming Phoreses Fields-

I miss my firneds
sharing coconuts, tripping
off this matrix called life
while few enjoy the
fat joys that pizza brings

I miss my friends
toppings of our
talents, we leave
behind, as we
build monuments
touching hearts
showing mankind

I miss my friends.


Discretion I use discretion I choose
With any or all news
Sometimes what you lose
Is the discretion we choose

Discretion I see discretion I
Over-can-stand discretion that’s
All its gotta be so please
Continue to hear all I am

Discretion took charge discretion
Didn’t barge discretion shook
Large still unable to be hard

Discretion I see discretion I
One day let take the best
Of me discretion I loved
Discretion I hugged discretion
I sought to be free cuz i
Knew it wasn’t just me…

Darkness (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally Week 36)

Perfect Poet Award! nomination goes to

Laying in complete darkness
Lacking shadows and movement
Stillness surrounds as
Tears fall from my eyes
From being surprised

Laying in darkened day
Lacking light to see the way
But seeing brightness shining
Illuminating the way

Laying in the darkness not
Knowing but hoping day to
Come, your smile I found
Your comfort I sought
Your hope I grabbed hold of

Just praying the tears of sadness
Never to return but for
Tears of joy to create
Rivers and streams
From puddles found
In darkness from nights
When days were never
Thought to come

A.N.E.W (Jingles Wk 33 Poetry Rally)

ATTEMPTING, standing, over again
ADJUSTING, letting go, shaking free
AGAIN you see me cuz
Yes, I’m DOIN’ me

NEWLY, if your not hearing me
NATURALLY, atypically kicked out
NECESSARY trash goes to the curb
NUBIAN queens are to be treasured
NOT NO! always NOW
NO longer NUMB I release your pain
See, I’m DOIN’ me

ESSENTIALLY not insane, my
ESSENCE will not be stolen ever again
ELEMENTARY is where it’s taught
It’s cool though, I’m DOIN’ ME

WITNESSing your atrocities
WHY you never let me be me
WRONGLY always accusatory, now
WRECKless is how u treated me, not
WITHOLDING, please believe
I’m DOIN’ me…

NOTE: My nomination goes to My nomination goes to “A Ruler’s Kingdom…Mastery of the mind and pen” []
This piece was inspired by the video below – It’s too often that woman fall victim to exactly what she’s sharing in this song…Put yourself in first place. No relationship is worth sacrificing yourself for the sake of the other person [solely]…

Wraths of Greed Sullen with Gluttony (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally wk 31)

INTRO: So this piece was supposed to be for the Monday poetry potluck submission – as the theme was “7 deadly sins” but I didn’t get it finished in time so I’m using for my Week 31 Thursday Rally submission…and this piece channels my “alter-ego” Devine Interventions 7:11 which is another name I write under but haven’t used or channeled in a while…I hope you all enjoy…

Black hues of clouds above
Spark flames from the fiery
Pits of hell but to no avail
Lust and greed, gluttony
Your envy, even sloth
With sullen, iniquitously
Allow you to stand
Pride fully plotting wrath
On the nearest standing by

Transgressions of laws divine
Willfully and deliberately
Wickedly travel around
Your destitute culture of
7 deadly sins, cheerlessly to
Bring rage and anger
Self-destruction with no
Blind eye, seeking lavish
Material things instead
Of destiny with our
Heavenly being

Resent indeed, relentlessly
and perversely loving your-
Self, contempt-ly glaring
Not just with your mind’s eye
Disrespectfully to gain only
Sexually extravagant debauchery
To over indulge brings purgatory
To your heart but still no
Attempts to repent as you waste
And waste, LUST matching GREED,
SLOTH finding PRIDE, ENVY unable
To subside, WRATHs from GLUTTONY
Still all u see is ME ME ME
Your 7 deadly sins indeed…

Devine Interventions 7:11 (Bka: Ms. Peaches)

Sounds of Me (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally-Week 30)

Hear me for the words
That I write are words that I
Speak with sounds and rhythms
Sounding loud as a clinging
Gong, making not noises of BONG
But harmonious melodies
That the heavens can sing along
With me…so draw your ear near
As I let every single one of my words
Spill like the valleys green
And the rives and seas
For it is me that speaks words
Of new wisdom making love with
Songs, painting pictures with keys
Really just hear ME
and the words that I sing

Natures SoUl calming ur Heart (Week 28 Jingles Poetry Rally)

Gloriously wonderful I stare at you
in awe of all your hues of blues and
greens seemingly sees of beautiful
mountains, BlUe rIDgeS cascading
across the sky speaking volumes
of hi…tongues of hello, chills of
wisdom strewn from here to there
creating this sea of mountains
right here, RIGHT HERE I’m telling
you, right here in front of me…

Inhaling I try to suck it all in but
only I remain calm with excitement
and glee because all things are
beautiful that I see before me
my eyes are caught up in all
the wondrous glory that
natures soul has laid before
me…calming ur heart, leaving
you peace opening up your

well maybe…if you
can feel me…?

Facing Your Trial Through Him

Jingles Thursday Poetry Rally WEEK 27 Award Acceptance!

I’m very excited and yet again humbled to have been nominated and receive this Perfect Poet Award…It was never my intention to even have my poetry up for winning awards but it’s such an awesome feeling to have readers out there that enjoy  my work…You all our my inspiration!

Faytth is her name…no I’m not insane
Pronounced like faith an acronym is she
Indeed belonging to him not me but of course
You see he was anxious to introduce her to me
And to my surprise her he let me drive
Almost like sapphire my birth stone I’m pleased
Nervous at first because she is of course
You see his brand new M3

Behind her wheel he sits me all the while
I’m thinking-is he really about to let me…
Am I really about to drive her? O.M.G.
This process of course is not new to me
As I’ve been practicing this craft for more
Than a decade but she…does not belong to me
If something happens whose fault will it be?

And a beamer is a price too high to fix for me
But she drives so smooth, she speeds
So easily…if she were mine I would have let
Her get the best of me…I do understand you see
Why this car…his Faytth has always been his dream

It’s my pleasure to nominate Gally Lines ~ this piece is so strong and serious and heart-felt…I was filled with compassion for all victims of such and atrocious act of violence and hate…I’m so glad I stopped by…

Attention Deficit

Attention your attention
Has completely forgotten me
Don’t want your pity have no intention
Of playing your games – attention
Your attention has been stolen away from
Me – don’t feel obligated to check up on
Me when you so easily admit…you forgot
All about me – lucidly I do see
All the things passing by that you used
To want from me with me – not emptily
You easily forgot it was attention that I need

Plum Nutt Fool

Jingles Thursday Poetry Rally!

She’s love sick over you
Her heart does not know
What it should do…
Though calm and peaceful
At first inside she’s really ripping
Apart likely her heart’s ready
To die cuz in…side
She’s tormented unfortunately cuz…

She’s love sick over you
And it’s undeserving for
You certifiably seem to be a
Nothing more than a plum nutt fool
Not realizing her to be a treasured
Jewel, you looked for another
Maybe three or four
No one really knows

But detrimentally she’s equally fallen
Love sick over her likes of you
It’s a crime you see for
She should feel nothing but
Contempt for you
But here she is latent in
Feeling love sick over missing
The sorry likes of you
The man I most certainly
Have deemed to be her fool…