S.E.R.I.C.E.A (8yr anniversary poem)

Looking back is like seeing
Pictures clearly, the looking
Glass doesn’t blur images but
Shows reality of the days before
8yrs ago when all was unknown
For 5 young black beauties
Waiting to discover all that DELTA
Had to uncover…
Through lessons of life, programs
Road trips aftersets & more
Through calls of double O double O—P
It was u & me, us becoming we
United through bonds unbreakable
By a line that no obstacle can ever
Take away our unshakable tenacity
To tenaciously be SERICEA 6-1 baby
We began as bare branches
six minus one that 8yrs in
The making has created
Blossoming of not merely Red & white,
But crimson and cream flowers
More beautiful than ever before seen
Not just in word but in meaning
And even so much more, my sisters
Forever we will always be bound through
Bonds tighter than paper, fiery as burning
Sand that last forever I’m proud of those
Ties u see with SERICEA forever I know I’ll
Always have my sisters together with me…

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Lambda Xi –Stomp Fest ’07

Big ups to Lambda Xi because straight up, hands down, no questions to be asked we put the other team to shame. Their performance was more about proving something–the “REDz” have nothing to prove–we are undoubtedly the cream of the crop.

I’ve not done a step show, prior to this one since UC Davis Stomp fest ’05 and that show was off the chain too–I just wish I had a copy of it. I know someone does somewhere I just wish they’d youtube it so I can see the damn thing!

Anyhow this is the first show in a long time where the entire teams is a representative of Lambda Xi in some way/shape/form. The one person who is not an initiate of Lambda Xi is the current primary advisor of the chapter and she Rep’s ENu spr. ’95–She’s OWT! She and I along with two of my other neos are currently members of Solano Valley Alumnae–which is who made up more than half the team in ’05 and in ’06 when our chapter stepped (and WON) our team was combined with one of our closest chapters (OChi)…Anyhow the team for ’07 was composed of the following

Sericea 6-1 ~ Spr. ’02

The Tre (me) & the Four-Rock

Tacazzea 2 ~ Spr. ’04

The Deuce

Faucaria 4 ~ Spr. ’05

Ace & Four–Rock

Nymania 9 ~ Spr. ’07

Ace, Seven, Eight, & Nine (Tail)