I’m very glad that I decided to do some research on John Coltrane…He’s an awesome saxophonist! I did a wikipedia search on him and there is a good amount of information…but what I learned that is most important to me is a true understanding of what his music means to my BFF. I mean I enjoy it actually came to realize that he is in a few of my favorite jazz pieces. However, I don’t vibe him the way she does and now I understand why…Coltrane’s music to her is like Gospel music is to me…I dont’ think I ever truly grasped that even though it was always very apparent. However, I think that I mistook one thing or another and was never able to make the dots connect. I digress…

I learned how he became St. John Coltrane and how man notes he played per minute…way crazy [in a great way]…

I re-learned that Coltrane is part of A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington & John Coltrane)- which I fell in love with back when The Cosby Show was on the air…then I later fell in love with Giant Steps and now I’ve discovered The Last Blues…I love love these three songs very much and they emote different feelings.

I never knew that Coltrane was a sailor nor that his on followed in his musical foot steps. I also didn’t realize he passed so young; he was only 40 years old when he accented.

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…




Starting the Coltrane Journey today along with my BFF, I must say I’m excited about this because she’s very passionate about his music and while I enjoy Coltrane I’ve never listened to ONLY Coltrane for 7 days. So I’m excited to be doing this with her. Today I’m all up on my YouTube Coltrane playlist because I didn’t sync my iPhone and therefore have no Trane on my phone. But I’ll sync up this evening. This morning I started the routine with Niama coming across the wave lengths…and transitioned into a love supreme, followed by my ultimate favorite…Giant Steps!

God Bless…

Ms. Peaches

Blessings of Birthdays…

“Born in sound that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…born in sound…that’s where I’m found…with the disc going round & round & round…” you know that tune if you’re Coltrane Conscious…and if you know me, you can hear me singing it! (ONE MIND)


Giving all PRAISES to Him who is MOST HIGH!!!! I thank God for seeing me through to another year. I am so blessed, I just made it to 26 yrs today and I couldn’t be in a better place. God is such an awesome God and seeing that I have been on my new coast for 3 weeks and 1 day I can’t say that I have any real complaints…the weather’s a little strange today and my allergies are attacking me with the vengeance but even that cannot make me feel like today is not MY DAY.


To all my friends and family, associates and etc…I thank you all so much for your happy birthday wishes, your bestowment of blessings and your thoughts of peace…I appreciate you all so much and wouldn’t be where I am today if God had not surrounded me by you! I love you all with all my heart and could never thank you enough!


“Born in sound, that’s where I’m found, Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior, thank you oh God, I praise your name…Jesus my God, my Lord and Savior…Born in sound…that’s where I’m found, with the disc going round and round and round…”