Am I the only one who forgot to wear green today? LOL…I spoke with a familiar friend today and had a delightful conversation….I find that I now have more time for telephone calls [though aren’t phone calls a thing of the past? LOL]…and with comcast being broken I have no sense of time when I’m sitting in the living room…so here I am blogging at 11:50pm…Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday…and it’s going to be warm! yay! I’m so excited that the cold is finally moving away.

I started another step in my spiritual wellness today which includes making sure life is secure…so that was exciting to do…I have new strict guidelines I’m going to adhere to…possibly beyond this phase in my spiritual journey. I’m excited. And God has blessed me to be able to go on vacation this spring! I’m way too excited about this!



Now that I’m getting back in the grind of “regular” life…my balance is starting to return…I’m exciting to have kicked off the Love Series Poetry!!! I’m still excited to not be watching TV…I actually cooked tonight in my long awaited cookware…you have no idea how when you have the right [versus the wrong] cookware what a difference it makes! Next weeks Peachee Plate will be awesome!


Happy Ash Wednesday! And MOST importantly praise God for all of you out there that participate in the Lenten Season – (Catholic or not).  This is probably my 8th or 9th year practicing lent. One of the things that I decided to give up is [regular] Television.  Which let me tell you is some kind of bummer as I’m writing this on a 5 ½ hour flight on Virgin America Airlines – which is an airlines with TVs!!! So what have I been doing?

Since my flight left early morning and I’d been up since 4:30 am I decided to nap…while listening to music via the monitor they provided…so after my 3 hour nap I was sitting here listening to much when I realized I was staring at someone else’s television screen in a seat diagonal from mine…SMH when I realized I was staring [at I don’t even know what he was watching] I decided it was time to pull out my trusty MacBook and start doing some blog prep.

Today is quite a day! The Kick off of the Peacheeee Celebration to 10,000 HITS! The start of Lent! And the day I meet my new niece for the first time so maybe I need a better word than EXCITED!!! However, there comes some worry in the fact that I know my sister has not given up TV for Lent and I will have to find a place of solace and no Television to do some blogging or reading….or something other than watch TV…aka IDIOT BOX –

Unless my sister wants to kick it and watch a documentary or two with me cuz that’s the only exception to the rule—I made this exception because while I am definitely giving up TV so that I can use my extra time more wisely I think documentaries are educational and I hardly watch them when the alternative is Nick @ Nite!


A couple of days ago Steve Harvey Tweeted “I know God ain’t through with me yet. I am not perfect. I am just trying to do the best I can.” [RANDOM, right–I know] I love this because I think it’s relate-able. Since I’ve started this “pre-cleanse” I have definitely messed up a few times but hey I keep trying and do my best every day and it has become easier since the start because I think I’m 100 percent true to the commitment and dedication to where spiritual growth may possibly lead me in regard to me soaring heights higher than I ever dreamed…#thatisall

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…