Silence Broken…

with gratitude, compassion is my attitude,
donations, support, confirmation – I’m totally doing my part
Focus, surrender, love, God-given, tender,
Like a mothers’ unconditional heart, my desire to empower
survivors has always been real – wisdom I must impart

God’s putting me to the test with uneasy task, humbling myself,
to simply make that ask, God turning it over and over into an
abundance, overflowing with love, support,
happy darts from you, straight to my heart –

All because, I’ve found and I see the discipline of being
intentional with you and me, to ask from the start, the works
of the Lord, they all supplement my heart through your hands

I give all thanks of abundance to the great I AM
I decree, I declare an abundance in this atmosphere
Go Fund Me you see and pour out support for this
violence afflicted community

For healing, God, I think you, for awareness and clarity
no longer blind to a cause the entire world must see
because violence holds consequence and I’m here to come
to the support the survivors defense

Empowered against the silence, each woman stepping away
from and past domestic violence and into the light of
their brilliant abundance.

Blameless they are not, for you this I’ve fought, tearing
down cultures os hame, I walk with you and I want to know
your name, because violence cannot be forgotten, nor silence,
nor watered down, she has a name and this victim, you shall
not blame.

Support my efforts to attend #theblackupstart2k15 bootcamp and product development and production cost! I’m healing survivors and changing the culture of shame attached to violence.

What I’ve been up to….

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down and posted any poetry.  There’s a reason why, I’ve been busy working hard on my non-profit!  I’ve just launched a fundraising campaign that you can read about below.  I’m really excited about the path God currently has me on and I would love your support.  You can support by sharing this with your networks (share via FB, Twitter, or even your own blog) or by making a contribution.  The only way this work can be done is by the support of the community — I hope I can count on your support of a #repost and/or contribution.



The Black upStart Bookcamp Fundraising Campaign!

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some point during their lifetime. 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.  In the African American community, those statistics are grave at 1 out of 3 women.  Due to these statistics and those within my own family I have dedicated more than 10 years of my life’s work to advocacy in crisis intervention and being a change agent for rape culture in America.  I am Corinn Marquis , Founder, and CEO of Brilliant Abundance.

I know my personal story as an indirect survivor to my mother and my passion for advocacy post-crisis intervention that I was destined to found Brilliant Abundance, a personal development, and spiritual wholeness non-profit targeting women, identifying as indirect (secondary) and direct (primary) survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse. Survivors of violence are much more likely to be affected by depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism,  drug abuse, and suicide. Nationally and locally there are several programs targeting direct survivors in crisis, but it’s much harder to find resources for continued healing and growth, especially for those secondarily affected.  This is where Brilliant Abundance comes in! As I endured the process of my own healing, I came to understand that there is a great need for advocacy post-crisis intervention for not just women primarily affected, but those who are also secondarily affected.
Help Me Break Another Glass Ceiling – with TUITION ASSISTANCE!

Out of nearly 100 applicants, I was selected along with 20 African-American entrepreneurs to join the Black upStart Bootcamp! The BootCamp trains African-American entrepreneurs to start successful and profitable businesses, with an emphasis on product development. As many of you know, I successfully completed a program on Entrepreneur Success Training that allowed me to finalize a business plan and begin visual branding for Brilliant Abundance  — a non-profit focusing on personal development and spiritual wholeness for women who identify as indirect (secondary) and direct (primary) survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse, post-crisis intervention services.

Through enrollment of this Bootcamp, I will be able to take Brilliant Abundance to its next phase, which is product development.  As an avid believer in self-accountability and growth, I am constantly working to improve my skills and the foundation of my business knowledge; when I learned about the Black upStart Bootcamp, I knew it was the next step in advancing my business acumen as an African-American woman entrepreneur and in growing Brilliant Abundance. This Bootcamp hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already begun the fundraising training!  Believe me, fundraising is a hard task for most and I’m grateful to pick up tips to enhance my skills and success rate in building capital.  At the completion of this Bootcamp, I will be trained in how to brainstorm a viable business idea, build a product, test the product, and create a plan to sell that product for profit.

This Bootcamp will allow me to create a great product for program participants, identifying as indirect and direct survivors, which will allow these women to enhance their personal development skills, heal from past pain, move away from the trauma and pain caused by violence, and into a joyful life of Brilliant Abundance.

Here is my goal: Get 12 People to Donate $25 (or more before Bootcamp begins on November 12, 2015)

In my search for programs that cater to the needs of women and/or African-Americans, I’ve not seen anything as beneficial as the Black upStart Bootcamp . Previous to finding this Bootcamp, I successfully created a stellar business plan that includes the curation of a workbook to supplement a workshop series, a healing miracle journal, and an inspirational planner that will aid program participants in maximizing their personal development and healing to become whole through an Entrepreneur Fellowship with Empowered Women International.

Where I’ve found myself in need of additional training is with product development — and that is where the Black upStart Bootcamp becomes the perfect resource and solution to getting Brilliant Abundance closer to its official program launch. I am excited to build awareness and strategize to move past barriers that affect African-American entrepreneurs when starting a business and raising capital — the Black upStart Bootcamp is not only going to take my training and skills to the next level, but it’s going to push Brilliant Abundance closer to its program launch and busy with the work of healing survivors of shame, post-crisis intervention services!

The Impact: You Become a Supporter of Brilliant Abundance (ME too!) and Assist in Making a Courageous Black Woman a Successful Entrepreneur

Please consider contributing to cover the cost of my tuition! Thank you so very much for believing in me!  Any dollar raised over $300 will go towards product development expenses for Brilliant Abundance!

Thank you for considering to offer your support and #b_abundant

Reaching and even surpassing this goal will have me over the moon excited for the potential progress that can be made in getting Brilliant Abundance programming launched and starting the process of helping survivors move past shame and into their Brilliant Abundance — healed, whole, and complete.

Support my efforts to attend #theblackupstart2k15 bootcamp and product development and production cost! I’m healing survivors and changing the culture of shame attached to violence.

¡pWrite…destiny awaits

Purple pWrite

What’s going on bloggers, readers and persons who just happen to stumble by…Welcome to Peach Pit Propaganda and I suppose welcome to the pieces of my life that I decide to share through this web venue. It’s been so long since I’ve checked in…I mean I haven’t had a pWrite since June! Yikes!!! But rest assured since then things have been going amazingly well in my life. No major milestones have been hit yet but the planning for such major mile stones are definitely underway. Well maybe it’s not entirely accurate for me to say that no major milestones have been achieved because that wouldn’t be entirely true. I’m taking the necessary steps to advance my life down the path that God has always destined me to be on.

Through tons of planning and restructuring of my vision boards (yes I have more than 1) I am able to see things start to align in ways that I hadn’t even imagined. So I guess I’m going to briefly go into testimony mode with y’all. God is working in my life and I’m working to get my life lined up—completely with Gods will and not just my desires. The end of November I started working again and at that time I hadn’t even been looking for a job. But I get a call from an agency that I had previously signed on with to look for work a couple of years ago and the opportunity they presented to me was one that would definitely be up my alley and look great on my resume! When I started the pay was decent and after my
initial 4 week contract ended God blessed me with a renewed contract (long term) at a way better pay rate!

Now for most of the time that I’ve been in my graduate studies program I have not worked and adjusting to live the life of a less financially bless student was an adjustment but since I had already made the adjustment it has been easy for me to save funds (now that I’m working) and handle business that will prove to make my future more stable and better equipped to flourish fluidly.

I’m excited and I hope to share more details with you all as things continue to unfold—I’m waiting on decisions from a few people for a few things and can’t wait to share good news and jump into the new chapters that come with those plans.


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a pWrite…so welcome to my update. Things are going phenomenally well in my life. I am so blessed and give all honor and praise to God who is the head of my life! Hopefully, I can soon motivate myself to starting posting poems more frequently and getting back involved with the Jingle poetry community (I MISS YOU ALL!!! And YOUR POEMS!!!). I’m doing very well in grad school and I now have just over a year under my belt!!! YAY!!!! Beyond that after applying and interviewing for a few opportunities I am happy to share that this summer I will be working two paid internships—which is awesome in itself because paid internships are hard to come by. I’m so happy to be an advocate and volunteer at a Rape crisis center and I’m truly feeling fulfilled in many of my purposes in this life…I’m doing Gods’ work and excited and convicted to be doing so…I’m keeping it short as I’m actually at a coffee shop studying right now…but I needed a temporary break LOL…enjoy the week my friends!!!


It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted a pwrite. Heck it’s been just as long since I’ve consistently posted any poetry. I’ve been busy with school and on this RUHCUS Journey which has been so amazing and on time for my spirit. I serve an awesome God and my God is ALWAYS on time with what/who I need in my life. Or for that matter what/who I don’t need in my life. And what I don’t need is the burdened feelings I have and had been carrying around for decades because I didn’t know what to do with them–so it’s amazing to get the opportunity to FREE myself and heal. For those of you who may be like what is a R.U.H.C.U.S. it’s a movement. It stands for Radically Unapologetic Healing Challenge 4 US. It’s part of the Body is Not An Apology Movement–a movement founded by Poet Activist Sonya Renee. This woman has a calling on her spirit and she is fulfilling her destiny on God’s terms. Anyhow, “Christmas break” is approaching and I plan to have a long and delightful break so hopefully I will be able to re-center and focus in my poetry craft.


I’m once again in the library on my grind. I’m taking a short break so I decided to write. This will be short and sweet 🙂 I’m gaining much momentum in this thing called life as I make plans, execute them and remove them from my list of things to do. I have been going to yoga courtesy of this living social deal that was 15 classes for $15 and when I first started going can I say it was like death trying to get those dang poses and stretches and now I’m getting better and stronger! I might just be ready to venture off on my own once I’m finished with the classes from the deal. Today I was in there sweating my life away asking myself if it was due to the fact that an hour before I had some coffee…either way after yoga is over the stress is always gone from my shoulders–which is wear I hold stress…I’ve not had any true motivation to write any poetry but hopefully the motivation will come back…it’s hard for me to write and channel my emotions to write when my life feels at peace.

Peace & Blessing


All praises to God! I am so blessed. Sometimes we lose sight of our blessings –I mean the simple blessings–like being able to see, being able to speak, being able to chew, to think…clearly that list can go on and on and on. I am a master piece in progress and when God is done with me the entire world will be able to see the art that is me. I am in love with all of the new opportunities that I am able to experience and one day I’ll be in love with more than just experiences (wink). Today started term 3 of grad school and I’m still very excited as I take this journey head on. This term I will have to be on a more clearly defined study schedule than last term because this professor does not have a grace period like the last professor did–which is probably not a good idea. I found that knowing I had an extra 2-3 days to get an assignment in I generally took advantage of those extra days. The new professor has awesome credentials and I hope those credentials prove her to be an awesome “teacher.” As my adventures continue I hope to get to attend many more conferences on progressive activism it’s a new learn experience and amazing networking opportunity…and yay for the National Counsel of Negro Women’s 1st Annual Health Summit…I hope to learn a lot at this event.

¡pWrite…another day


I spent a good portion of the evening/night yesterday doing some serious planning which even included calendaring deadlines of when I want to get things done…Which means I have so much to get done.  I also research internship and found some that are paid and more than a few that are not paid and a few that did not say one way or the other.  I

plan to apply for them all 🙂 Meanwhile–I’m sitting in Starbucks because thanks to comcasts’ inability to effectively provide service (post Hurricane Irene) I am again without service.  Mind you the Hurricane passed through here days upon days ago and my service was only effected Sunday for a few hours now it’s back out!?! Please get it together soon

comcast–no one has time for these types of shenanigans on your behalf.  Anyhow–it’s time for me to touch up the cover letters for the internship positions and then it will be time to find a part time job. This all to get to where I ultimately want to be and that’s making money independent of any other fools.  I’m also excited to have only one more assignment for this quarter looming over my head and it’s half way done but she’s given us until Sept. 12th to turn it in and my will be a masterpiece of words by then!

Souls Pain

Deep in your soul
Pain so fresh it’s
Hard to ignore
But through it all
He holds onto
All control…

Through tears and
Sorrow—his amazing
Grace holds steady in
It’s place, try hard
To not ignore just
Stand and be still
For we all have pain

Through clenched teeth
Angry fist, eyes red
And fear, everyone hurts
At what cost do we
Choose to give in?
When if we just trust
And have faith, our
God, you know
Will heal all hurt

Up hill battles, down
Fall into prickly
Throttles, cuts bleed
Deep, but healing
Comes in the
Morning light

This piece was also inspired by one of Kirk Franklin’s songs from the Album “Hello Fear” –let it speak to your soul!

¡pWrite…library praise

I’m currently at the library, I’ve taken a pause…a God pause. I needed a moment of silent praise. A young loved one seems to be going through it and I decided to share with her some of my newest favorite Kirk Franklin songs, with hopes that she will meditate on the words and let God speak to her and take away her pain…in doing so I got caught up in the spirit myself and am seriously sitting in the library giving God the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit all the praise! Where would I be without God? Seriously, I just resigned from my job with no prospect of another and I’m financially stable. How could that be other than God? It seriously couldn’t be. While I figure out what my next move is supposed to be I will use this time wisely to “clean house” my house. Not to be confused with the house that I live in but my spiritual house, which encompasses so many things. I’m happy and it’s been a long time coming for me to get here. I can remember the struggles of my early twenties and they were no joke. From not having money to keep up the bills to making bad decision where my finances were concerned. Throwing caution to the wind and going for broke in whatever the endeavor was—I’ve learned so much from that which I’ve come from SANKOFA!!!! And please do not be mistaken there is still much more for me to learn.

I am…Like you

Inequity shaped me
Tribulations through
Trials, begging for
Your truth, broken
And shattered, still
Lord I SEEK you
I am…I am…I am

A testimony so
Great, despite young
Age, experiences
Taught lessons, learned
Even when I fell,
In pain and agony,
I survived…because
I am…I am…I am…

On my way to
Mountains high
Through valleys low
Still a believer, given
Your name, True is
God’s love to be
You gave unto me
and like you
I am…I am…I am

Not by mistake,
But by fate, my faith
Has driven me to
A Godly place,
Even lost and confused
Standing I am…
I am…I am…

Closer and closer
Like you I strive to be
But simply I am…I am
On my way to be who
I am, in all your Glory
I am…I am…I am

I am…Like you

Inspired by Kirk Franklin – “I am”
Note to readers: Every time I hear this song I’m filled with joy. When I close my eyes and just listen I get chills. So for believer even non-believers I hope this piece and even this song gives you profound inspiration TO BE!


We all want happiness, right? I came across a script I want to share with you all… “a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Proverbs 13:19 –what a beautiful scripture that is…I found this little love book and I was looking through the pages and stopped when I came across the page discussing the 7 requirements for happiness.  As I read them I thought wow I want all those things and all those things definitely make me happy – so I’m now sharing them with you wishing you happiness in the attainment of these 7 things.

According to Mark & Debra Laser there are 7 requirements for happiness

The Seven Universal Desires (in which God created us with):

1.       The desire to be heard and understood

2.       The desire to be affirmed

3.       The desire to be blessed

4.       The desire to be safe

5.       The desire to be touched

6.       The desire to be chosen

7.       The desire to be included

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


¡pWrite…working it out

I’m up bright and early this morning feeling great. I feel accomplished getting up earlier than I need to because I am able to get things done that I don’t particular care to do after I get home from work everyday.

The workouts have being going great…I know it’s only been 2 days this week [that have past] but Monday I indulged in some kick boxing! Man, is that class a lil’ beast. Last night I decided to do some Total Body Conditioning…whew am I sore this morning…day 2 effects from the Kick boxing and then I added “insult” to injury…But it feels good [despite the hurt].

I think mentally I am now 100% committed to the [non]use of sugar…I feel good inside…now to totally adapt to the meditating…it’s a work in progress to say the least…be blessed yall…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

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¡pWrite…Just know…

I love rediscovering my inner self through the music that truly speaks volumes to my heart and soul…I meditated on this song by Dr. Marvin Sapp. The words are simple, but have more power than you [any believer] can feel the profound spirit moving in this song…the words of the chorus are as follows: “Just know he has his hands on you…he has his hands on you. he said he’ll see you through…and when you cry he’s holding you…so you can just lift your hands up high…for he will provide…just know he has his hands on you…”

After meditating I had to sing this from my soul a few times so that I could produce the piece I share [below] with you…I really appreciate your readership! Your TIME is valued greatly!

Love, unconditional
Love no human, other
Than a mother truly knows
But this love it is, stems from
The creator with messages
In tow…so believe the
Words here you see

With peace grace and mercy
Task less desired, unwanted
For sure, questioning, for
There’s a lack of understanding
In his plans for you, sad
Instead of happy when you
Are rich in his love…what
Shall you do? I ask, again…
What shall you do?

Just know…

His hands are there on you
Just trust, his love
Will see you through
In your tears, he’s
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide

Don’t forget…he said don’t fret
Don’t worry my friend, never
more will you bare, more than
too much for you…

Just trust, his love
His hands are there on you
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide
In your tears, he
Will see you through

Sorrow no more, for there he
is holding you, wiping your
face dry from the pain
you know deep inside

His hands are there on you
Just trust, his love
Will see you through
In your tears, he’s
Up high, lift your hands
See he will provide

Just Know…

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…



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We so generally fall into the norms of society that we have to take a step back and wake up our conscious mind…today is my BFFs’ Born Day!!! And may God continue to bless her journey in this beautiful thing called life. Today’s pWrite is 100% dedicated to her – she is the most compassionate person I know [& not just because she’s my Bestie], her spirit is so filled and she’s an inspiration. She’s my kindred spirit, sister in the past and sister in the present and [simply put] I am blessed to know her! Friendship is one of the most wonderful things God can bless you with!

Hallelujah hallelujah
For on today this
Life here, she entered
The world on her on
Pedestal, ready to
Conquer the world
No fear in sight
Her will was all her
Might, spirit guided
And spirit filled
Hallelujah hallelujah
Music soothes her soul
And her story music
Notes make BOLD
Hallelujah hallelujah
For on today this
Woman of strength
Was born, standing tall
God’s sons light
Shines right through
From her soul
Hallelujah Hallelujah
From her heart you see
Pure sunshine so
Hallelujah hallelujah
For on today Marlee-I
Was born a gift to
The world, she came
Unto this earth as
Hallelujah soothed
Welcome, Welcome…

God Bless…

Ms. Peaches

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