Friends (Week 38 Thursday Rally)

I miss my friends
the great times, the good
times, the laughs, the cries
discoveries of social clubs
personified by each one
different persons life

I miss my friends, through
songs sung and rhymes
put with rhythms, creating
hooks, blazing versus
naming Phoreses Fields-

I miss my firneds
sharing coconuts, tripping
off this matrix called life
while few enjoy the
fat joys that pizza brings

I miss my friends
toppings of our
talents, we leave
behind, as we
build monuments
touching hearts
showing mankind

I miss my friends.


R.ights U.nder E.lite

Trane said damn the rules
I say screw the regulators
that make the laws that
man can break your
heart and walk away

Damn the rules that
allow innocents
to be victims
of incidents for which
they have no control

Off with the regulations
that create double standards
making man abstract from
women, damn the rules

Damn the rules that
fail to admit…

Truth is freedom
wReck the rights
from under laws elite
who say damn
the rules…damn the
regulators and off with
the regulations telling
me don’t
damn the rules…