Souls’ Song

I wanna sing, but my song
is without words, I wanna sing
but the melody is no more,
I wanna sing but maybe someone
ran off with my words,

I wanna breeze through a
melody that sings a song
of you in me, sharing affections
not subjection to rejection because
your emotional constipation, got you
lacking the sincere anticipation from
the sensations that I feel…

when I allow the feelings that I feel
for your soul to sing its song
all through out my soul…
but you, do not hear! you do
not fear, you do not see
the real beauty that lives within me

open your eyes and see, the song
that lacks in you, truly does live in
me and I’ll sing it aloud, I won’t shout
it but singing it proud, I’ll allow my
soul to sing that song, I’ll allow my soul
to sing that song, all night long…I’ll sing
that song, I’ll sing that song, ’til my
souls at peace and my hearts content…

I’ll sing my soul til that songs’ no more…


Lost we die…

Conclusions of disillusions painting
Pictures of confusion of you ever
Wanting me…but decisions show
Precision in precisely how wisely
I should be dealing with the cards
Dealt directly to me…

Detachment from attachment
Strong ties I thought once bound
Would never unbind, but deceivingly
I now see from where before I blindly
Had no one there holding my
Hand or guiding me…

Towards the light that inevitably
Was there to shine upon me a victory
That was unforeseen as your love
Has fallen short in never capturing me
Though time we cannot rewind
My wonders of what could have
Been have seemingly dissipated
Into what is wasted and left for
Dead…but inside I don’t cry or hide

Behind what’s unreal…secure in
My emotions I move forward stepping
Ahead not following behind where
Lessons unlearned in our lives simply
Are left to die…


I look at us
What we’ve been through
And all this time
I’ve been blaming you

I’ve blamed you
For destroying our family
For breaking my heart
For ruining my destiny

I now realize it wasn’t you
You did not bring this trauma
I am the one to blame for this
My downfall is my karma

So many times I have been
The one to ruin relationships
Somehow I thought I was safe
I thought what we had was sacred

Now I know the truth
We were doomed from the start
Now I feel what they felt
Now I have the broken heart

It took awhile to realize the truth
I blamed you for bringing the drama
But the fault is all my own
and you’re just a victim of my karma

Blessings in Disguise?

I just got done reading the most current blog post of a good friend of mine…and WOW women across the board seem to be having the same types of issues when it comes to males. I find it all to be so disheartening. And many kudos to the men out there that, for a lack of another way of putting it, “keep it REAL.”

I’ve recently been surrounded by a few women who have been so badly heart by the men they allowed to enter into their lives and that they allowed themselves to be emotionally bound to or maybe vulnerable to…I believe that is of course for a reason and maybe that reason is so that we can learn from one another’s coping methods.

I refuse to be a scorned woman…I refuse to hate the man that I allowed myself to be emotionally vulnerable to because it didn’t work out. He’s truly a good person, he just made some not so great choices in dealing with our “Friend-lationship.”

I’ve been commended by a few on how I have dealt with it all and by my choosing to remain really good friends with him. But you know the good book says to forgive and to forgive quickly…I by no means hate him…I want for him to be abundantly happy, actually. As women and men we can’t harbor ill feelings for what someone in a past relationship may or may not have done to you because it keeps you from moving on. When you fail to forgive you are only holding yourself hostage. And sorry to say that just is no good!

Women out there if you’ve been hurt count it all joy it may just have been your blessing in disguise…or maybe you were just supposed to be friends with that person and nothing more…All in all don’t beat yourself up over it or hold him in contempt for any decisions he made that had an ill effect on you…it’s not worth it.