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Mind Prisoners

Ignorance is Ignorance and our country is filled with so much ignorance that I am just completely saddened and frustrated and plain off PISSED about it.

Our prisons are over crowed and our prisoners and being treated by way of cruel and unusual punishments–specifically when they are being treated medically. I know someone who’s going to be working in that field and as it is announced and details brought forth and so-called Devout Christians are laughing…Yes, laughing! Snickering on about how all they should get is bread, water & aspirin. Makes me want to scream!

Basically the prisoners are getting what they deserve. Being the Christians that they claim themselves to be…shouldn’t they be familiar with the scriptured text…”let he who is without sin cast the first stone” are they not familiar with the text that reads, “man cannot live on bread and water alone…”

I mean seriously what is our world coming to when our system of reformation is a system of brutality and those on the outside who are supposed to be operating in the spirit of LOVE for God is Love are being judgmental and hypocritical and deciding within their ownselves that they have the right to take the lives of others and make decisions that suit them…rather than putting the interest of the inmates first?

I mean aren’t these people in jail so that they can be reformed and released back into society? Not humiliated, demeaned and disrespected?

I’m pissed because for one: most people in the prisons are minority’s and I’ve got cousins who are in prison for their own ignorance–not because they are evil but because of their social settings, because of their lack of knowledge on finding an alternative solution to the many down falls that exist in their lives.

Two our tax dollars are doing what for these prisons…? Paying guards and so called doctors who’ve sworn to care for the sick can treat the inmates like SHIT!!!! This is unacceptable–period.

You have these overly zealous religious folk who are supposed to be helping to promote change…effective change casting stones as if they are perfect and without sin. That’s Bull everyone in america is a criminal just not everyone has been caught and reprimanded for what’ they’ve done.

How many housewives go grocery shopping and decide it’s okay to taste the grapes before they purchase them and maybe not even purchase them if they don’t like they way they taste…that’s called thief! Maybe it’s not drastic but it’s stealing never the less. How many people are given back too much change when they purchase something and keep the money rather than giving it back to the clerk–who will indeed be reprimanded for having their register come up short…this list can go on and on and on…

My point is that just because you have inmates imprisoned for crimes they may or may not have committed (because the reality of the situation is that a lot of our criminal systems are corrupt) doesn’t mean that anyone working within that system has the right to play God and make inmates accountable however they see fit…because now who’s the criminal?