First given all praises to God (the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit) I am truly blessed…not that this is the realization because as one could imagine as a believer I’ve always been blessed. I’m for certain that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for God. No doubt about it…but the realization is more so in the fact that I’ve gotten so far away from my inner self had I not taken this time of spiritual growth [when the heck would i have come to this realization?].

Progress is what I’m striving for, growth and spiritual abundance. Every day I can be better than the day before and every day I WILL be better than the day before. Today I did a great job on the language…[go me!]…and as this was the first day of no sugar I must say it was a success. However getting back in the habit of preparing meals is challenging because I don’t always want to come home and cook but as time progresses I’ll do more prep over the weekend so that during the week it’s easier to just cook the meals and move forward with the NO SUGAR!!!!

God Bless…

Ms. Peaches



Meditation – well lets just Thank God for it to begin with. Finding my inner peace is a delightful feeling.  The first mediation was only for about 24 minutes but I must say I surprised myself.  I started off in silence but then I got bored at first, only to slowly adjust and hear what my spirit was saying to me…so I begin to let my spirit share with God by the only means I’ve been blessed with to do so and i felt pure delight in doing so.  I must admit it was refreshing.  I’m not sure this is something that many experience having not practice mediation on a regular.  I mean I have never practiced it on a regular and I had to tune myself into even, actually wanting [not just saying] that I wanted to meditate…I couldn’t do it in complete silence…I didn’t use the song my BFF suggested I try if I couldn’t do it in silence though in the future I may…I meditated to CeCe Wianans “How Great Thou Art” which is a beautiful and divine song. She actually has several wonderfully peaceful and heavenly songs on the entire album [Throne Room] – possibly very suitable for mediation. And so there you have it…


God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

Power of Prayer

As this seems to be my venue of whatever I’m feeling, thinking or simply just wanting to share.  Please lift my sissy up in prayer…she’s currently expecting and she’s not due until March 9th…she’s currently at the hospital – has been there since yesterday in Labor & Delivery…because her amniotic fluid is lower than it should be and the baby’s heart rate had dropped.  They’ve given her 1 of 2 steroid shots to develop the baby’s lungs and will keep her there over night again tonight.  Baby heart rate has not gone back up but is steady and not decreasing.  She’s hooked up to an IV to get fluids and we’re just praying for the best…my new niece is only 3lbs in the womb and we need her to stay in there longer.  My sissy has to have stress test and is being taken off work and they will be closely monitoring her for the next two weeks and hopefully longer. But they think if baby weight goes up within the next two weeks it won’t be too much of an issue to delivery early.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers and warm wishes…may God bless you all.