¡pWrite…destiny awaits

Purple pWrite

What’s going on bloggers, readers and persons who just happen to stumble by…Welcome to Peach Pit Propaganda and I suppose welcome to the pieces of my life that I decide to share through this web venue. It’s been so long since I’ve checked in…I mean I haven’t had a pWrite since June! Yikes!!! But rest assured since then things have been going amazingly well in my life. No major milestones have been hit yet but the planning for such major mile stones are definitely underway. Well maybe it’s not entirely accurate for me to say that no major milestones have been achieved because that wouldn’t be entirely true. I’m taking the necessary steps to advance my life down the path that God has always destined me to be on.

Through tons of planning and restructuring of my vision boards (yes I have more than 1) I am able to see things start to align in ways that I hadn’t even imagined. So I guess I’m going to briefly go into testimony mode with y’all. God is working in my life and I’m working to get my life lined up—completely with Gods will and not just my desires. The end of November I started working again and at that time I hadn’t even been looking for a job. But I get a call from an agency that I had previously signed on with to look for work a couple of years ago and the opportunity they presented to me was one that would definitely be up my alley and look great on my resume! When I started the pay was decent and after my
initial 4 week contract ended God blessed me with a renewed contract (long term) at a way better pay rate!

Now for most of the time that I’ve been in my graduate studies program I have not worked and adjusting to live the life of a less financially bless student was an adjustment but since I had already made the adjustment it has been easy for me to save funds (now that I’m working) and handle business that will prove to make my future more stable and better equipped to flourish fluidly.

I’m excited and I hope to share more details with you all as things continue to unfold—I’m waiting on decisions from a few people for a few things and can’t wait to share good news and jump into the new chapters that come with those plans.

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