¡pWrite…All she can be

Life is good. For that I, indeed, give all honor and praise to God. It’s the holiday season which means time for family and friends, fellowship and chillin’; it means more love and holiday cheer with hearts of thanksgiving, that is the holiday season. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see what a strong, beautiful woman does every day as a wife and a mother. Let me tell you she is amazing. To see a mother so in love with her children is amazing. And my goodness does she have such long days (though filled with love LONG).

Have you ever wondered how early your mother rose to prepare for you and your siblings day? This particular woman is up at 4am for yoga and meditation, praise and worship. From there it’s straight into the kitchen to start preparations for the family’s day. There’s so much team work in this family it’s a joy to witness. But it’s only 3pm and as I’ve been in rotation with her this morning I have to say I am worn out already and it’s only 3pm (thou my body thinks it’s 6pm, which means I was really not up until 7am). I digress, being a mother and a wife is hard work and long hours but it is also full of bliss, joy, tons of small moments and pure love…

Thank God for my BFF! a Great Friend, Mother and Wife.


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