Let the R.U.H.C.U.S Begin

I’m very excited about the experiences of the day.  I learned a wealth of information —about myself.  I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Sonya Renee—she’s an awesome spoken word activist.  She’s started a movement called…RUHCUS=Radically Unapologetic Healing Challenge for US.  [When you have a moment check out her youtube.com channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/soniekisses She has a pretty amazing testimony and a true talent for the craft [poetry], I got the opportunity to hear her perform and speak about the RUHCUS movement and I have to admit that I am beyond moved and inspired to help others feel inspired.  I plan to start my own RUHCUS, which, is very scary…I won’t be posting the videos on this blog I will be posting them on Peach Pit Pieces on tumblr & my youtube channel Peach Pit. –It’s amazing how when you don’t listen to God speaking to you [because you’re not ready to hear the message] that somehow you end up doing exactly what was laid on your spirit to do—but wouldn’t allow yourself any chance to do it.  That was me—knowing God had given me an amazing testimony and feeling like why should I share my story…that type of vulnerability is never something I allow myself to tap into, certainly for my own selfish reasons.  Then I didn’t know how to completely heal but after today I see that I am ready and it’s time to help others use their voice.

You can also find more about RUHCUS on FB…just search it will come up…(tho you may have to be added to the group).

PLEASE NOTE that I wrote this on 09.24.2011 (just late to post it)


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