¡pWrite…Welcome Home

I’m so tired right now…my allergies have been kicking my but since Oct. 1…thank goodness it wasn’t on my birthday that I was feeling like this–I wonder if I have an allergy cold.  If I wasn’t sure before I am definitely sure now that I am full throttle in the the 5th cycle of 7…let me repeat that just in case you missed it…I’m in the 5th cycle of 7 [Devine Interventions 7:11].  It’s an amazing new cycle and I’m learning to be more “obedient” in the sense of being disciplined and aware of God’s presence in and through my life.  Tonight I went to CAYA–which is a young adults celebration (church service) for ages 18-40 years old and it only happens once a month.  The visiting reverend tonight was amazing!  I messed around and joined the church!  (welcome HOME to me)–that’s how awesome this man of God was…he preached about David and Goliath but that wasn’t the start of it…we started in 1 Samuel 16 where the story talks about David being anointed and then going back to the field. The overal message was around us being obedient to God and recognizing that our opportunities in God are often masqueraded in opposition/adversity.  It’s so real if you think about it…when do you learn the most? When your faith is being tested, right? RIGHT! Anyway I’m going to take my tail to sleep…my next pWrite will be about R.U.H.C.U.S (Radically Unapologetic Healing Challenge 4 US)…until my next journey begins peace and blessing upon you all.

Love…Ms. Peaches


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