All praises to God! I am so blessed. Sometimes we lose sight of our blessings –I mean the simple blessings–like being able to see, being able to speak, being able to chew, to think…clearly that list can go on and on and on. I am a master piece in progress and when God is done with me the entire world will be able to see the art that is me. I am in love with all of the new opportunities that I am able to experience and one day I’ll be in love with more than just experiences (wink). Today started term 3 of grad school and I’m still very excited as I take this journey head on. This term I will have to be on a more clearly defined study schedule than last term because this professor does not have a grace period like the last professor did–which is probably not a good idea. I found that knowing I had an extra 2-3 days to get an assignment in I generally took advantage of those extra days. The new professor has awesome credentials and I hope those credentials prove her to be an awesome “teacher.” As my adventures continue I hope to get to attend many more conferences on progressive activism it’s a new learn experience and amazing networking opportunity…and yay for the National Counsel of Negro Women’s 1st Annual Health Summit…I hope to learn a lot at this event.


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