Free (Poetry Potluck wk 45)

In life I am free…I am free
I am free, naturally by nature
I am free to smile, I am free to
Love, free to laugh and never
Cry, free to live and not die
Naturally nature has set me free
Allowing me to be the person
I love most to be, through
Troubles and fears, hiding
Behind a mask, running from
Misery trying to find your joy
I stop to look back at yesterday
Realizing that the troubles of
Another day are not today and
I am free to know that I can
Smile for I am free…laughter
So loud it roars like thunder
Smile so bright it’s been mistaken
For God’s illuminating life…
Naturally by nature life has given
Me love so free I’m abound by
Hope to and free, free to life my
Hands, free to scream at the mountain
Tops…thank you God…Amen.


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