¡pWrite…angst, no more?

The angst is on it’s way out the door though my guard is still up…I feel more at ease though as some people work more thoroughly than others when it’s time to go to work.  I decided to have a kind of me evening today…I finally saw The Help! It was a really good movie and worked well in conjunction with the way the story is told in the book.  However, there was on change in the movie that I did not like and it was the fact that they made Constantine’s daughter as brown as Constantine…in the book she was “passing” this woman wasn’t even close to “passing’ and I did like that…but I loved how much more blunt and agressive the porch scene was with Hilly, Skeeter & her mother…the proper southern woman told Hilly “get your raggedy ass off my porch” hahahaha…well I’m keeping it short tonight because I’m really tired and hope to fall asleep shortly here…plan to work on some poetry post tomorrow…Jingle poetry is active all over the place and I need to participate!


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