¡pWrite……quaint unrest

Tonight I write but I only write in frustration. My current living quarters have become less than hospitable and while I love my quaint place very much I am not so attached to it that I cannot leave it. It is an absolute must that I am able to sleep at night and be able to rest well. I’m not so sure that I’ve had a summer of good rest and just when I thought the rest would come…the sleep depriver has returned in new form but still old…when one dies another appears it just sickens me with disgust not so much fear. It’s strain and stress on my mental and for me to reach the complete peace that I seek I cannot live where this is so…but at the same time can I find a deal as sweet as mine? I’ll likely be up for a few more hours to come…but where will my mind be? Unable to focus I’m sure…goodnight world.


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