Today I sit in Starbucks –it’s freezing in here–preparing my cover letters for the internships that I’d like to apply for–most of them seem to be in public relations but some are in some type of advocacy which would prove to be a great experience for me if I am able to obtain one…My only hope is that at this point is that if I am to find an internship and it’s unpaid they decide to give me some kind of stipend anyway–[FAVOR!!!]. I would like to say that I’m nervous about this but really–there’s nothing to be nervous about LOL…well my cover letters maybe as I’ve never needed one before so I’ve not ever had one…but I think mine is adequate at worst…LOL.  None-the-less I’m excited for new experiences and life advancement in knowledge and skill.  I’m ending the 9th week of the term I’m in and I’m hope to get this final project completed tonight so I can submit it to the writing center.  I want 100% on this thing and I know I can achieve it as I’ve gotten 90-100% on all but 2 of my assignments up to this point.

Today I resume working out…yes yes…which means I soon need to get to the grocery store so I can purchase some fresh produce and really dedicate myself to eating right and working out…I would like to drop ten pounds before my birthday which is actually fast approaching at only 24 days away!!! woo! I was originally going to travel to Philly for the big day but decided to stay at my current locale and save money while celebrating…so tomorrow I will start re-planning for my birthday…tho the birthday that really matters is next year…I have to get through this one to get to that one! I can but can’t wait as both my best friends will be coming in town to help me celebrate and they 2 will have hit the same mile before me…I’m so excited about it! There are just too many things that I’d like to do in this stage in my life!


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