¡pWrite…another day


I spent a good portion of the evening/night yesterday doing some serious planning which even included calendaring deadlines of when I want to get things done…Which means I have so much to get done.  I also research internship and found some that are paid and more than a few that are not paid and a few that did not say one way or the other.  I

plan to apply for them all 🙂 Meanwhile–I’m sitting in Starbucks because thanks to comcasts’ inability to effectively provide service (post Hurricane Irene) I am again without service.  Mind you the Hurricane passed through here days upon days ago and my service was only effected Sunday for a few hours now it’s back out!?! Please get it together soon

comcast–no one has time for these types of shenanigans on your behalf.  Anyhow–it’s time for me to touch up the cover letters for the internship positions and then it will be time to find a part time job. This all to get to where I ultimately want to be and that’s making money independent of any other fools.  I’m also excited to have only one more assignment for this quarter looming over my head and it’s half way done but she’s given us until Sept. 12th to turn it in and my will be a masterpiece of words by then!


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