¡pWrite…Life Adjustments

Clarity –“the quality of being clear in particular, the quality of coherence and intelligible” has fallen upon me…When I took this leap of faith and resigned from my job the only thing I had really figured out at that point was that I no longer wanted to work at my current place of employment.  Now that I’ve been out of work for just short of two months–I think the moment of clarity has finally hit.  Sometimes I need to “sit and wait” to figure things out–I think I had a lot of emotional healing that I needed to complete…some grief I had to experience…some frustration and of course more faith and patience.  I can now with a sound mind (not that it was not sound before) and conviction I have figured out the direction that I want to take my life in–as a graduate student.

School is amazing–I love to learn and realistically I would like to be able to not be stressed out because I’m working and going to school full time.  Not really how I want things to swing–so I think the best option for me at this point is to head down the path of an internship, something I never even considered in undergraduate school.  I would love to have a paid internship but if that is not plausible and I can find a part time or even temporary job then the internship not being paid would be fine.  So I’m now on a mission to find an internship–ironically one that is not in the legal field.  I think it’s time to further diversify myself and the best way I can think to do that is by branching out into other fields of my interest.  Who wants to have just a J.O.B? Not me–and being a paralegal is not my ultimate career goal.  It is but a mere stepping stone in getting to where I’ve dreamed to be since the age of three years old.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted and I’m actually ashamed of myself.  I’ve got to be more disciplined in my writing. So I am not making this promise to myself to be more diligent in my writing.  Not that I am one to make excuses for behaviors or laziness I think in my not being certain of what I wanted to do next in life I was unable to be motivated.  However–I am now motivated! I’ve started planning for the next 6  months of my life–

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