Dead of Night…(Poetry Potluck) Wk-46

Soft whispers, hypnotize
My minds eye, creating
Visionary memories of
You and me, but when
Reality returns, there is
Only me, standing alone,
While life moves around
Me, still I stand, unable
To quite understand,
How you couldn’t give
Me your love, how you
Couldn’t open your heart
Until love was already gone

How could it be that now
You’re able to say, I love u
To me? Still, it arrives, reality
Does not bring you back to
Me…visionary memories
Drive me crazy, thirty
Minutes have gone, by
I stand, STILL, in the
Middle, of…well, I’m
Not sure where I am…

Light there is no more,
Life around me is still
Reminiscent I stand,
Longing for what could
Have been, you and me
While, I shed, love rivers
For love no more, finally
I just let you fly, and I
Continue now my journey
Out of the dead of night…

NOTE to Poets/Readers:
I’m very excited to be rejoining the poetry community. I’ve not being writing like I normally enjoy to do but something has been re-ignited and I can’t ready everyones post!


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