I am…Like you

Inequity shaped me
Tribulations through
Trials, begging for
Your truth, broken
And shattered, still
Lord I SEEK you
I am…I am…I am

A testimony so
Great, despite young
Age, experiences
Taught lessons, learned
Even when I fell,
In pain and agony,
I survived…because
I am…I am…I am…

On my way to
Mountains high
Through valleys low
Still a believer, given
Your name, True is
God’s love to be
You gave unto me
and like you
I am…I am…I am

Not by mistake,
But by fate, my faith
Has driven me to
A Godly place,
Even lost and confused
Standing I am…
I am…I am…

Closer and closer
Like you I strive to be
But simply I am…I am
On my way to be who
I am, in all your Glory
I am…I am…I am

I am…Like you

Inspired by Kirk Franklin – “I am”
Note to readers: Every time I hear this song I’m filled with joy. When I close my eyes and just listen I get chills. So for believer even non-believers I hope this piece and even this song gives you profound inspiration TO BE!

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