¡pWrite…new chapter

I know I’ve been seemingly M.I.A for quite some time now and as I have begun this transition into a new chapter of my life I will start writing and posting again. It’s almost been two weeks since my last day of work. I had to make a faith based decision to put in my two weeks notice before I begun to not be happy about showing up for work. While I absolutely loved working there when I started the position changed into a job that did not hold my interest. I loved the people I worked with–as they essentially were my “work-family.” I’m slowly heading down the path of finding a new position and I do mean slowly. It’s summer time and I actually would rather not work for a little while. It suits me to take some much needed time off–I only wish I could with financial stability do some traveling back home. I miss my family especially my sister and nieces. The newest addition is such a cute fat baby, which is exciting because when she was born she was so tiny considering the fact that she came to great us sooner than she was expected.

Grad school is going very well. I currently have a 4.0 and as I’ve begun the 2nd term after week 1 I have a 99% (and that’s for 5 different assignments). The work is demanding but quite interesting and I’m so glad that this is where God intended for me to be right now in this journey we call life. Learning is such a necessity–a fabulous one!

Now back to my craft, I do have a few pieces that I have written that I’ll be posting and I can’t wait to get back into Jingle Poetry activities and hopefully find others to get involved in. My craft is important to me…

my spiritual journey continues…


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