¡pWrite…Back n the Habit

Seems like I’ve not posted in ages…well almost ages! My BFF actually kind of got on me yesterday making me feel like, “dang, I really need to get back on it” as far as my blog is concerned. But I’ve not been away in vain. I’ve actually recently (actually 5 weeks ago) started grad school. Not to make excuses but seeing that the last time I was in school was 2007 I had to readjust. Five weeks in and I’m 100% in love with the class and therefore the program. I feel innumerably exuberant LOL –I love learning and while I wasn’t 100% sure on what the class would actually entail as I progress through the course I love the historical base that it encompasses. I’m learning so much and after the 1st paper I wrote (which was C grade quality) the rest of my papers have been A [grade] quality –causing me to feel like my SWAG is at an all time HIGH! The adventures that I call life continue…
Not only that I went on vacation to Cancun – actually my very 1st time out of the country. I had the most wonderful time. It was a “Girlfriends Getaway” 9 amigas in attendance ready for nothing but fun in the sun. I did a few things for the first time ever and can’t wait to travel some more…I jet skied –AMAZING because it was a “tour” so to speak as I’m driving the jet ski across the deep dark waters, the colors began to change from deep blues to aqua blues…kind of like patterned strips in some areas jumping from color to color making it almost impossible for me to figure out what cause the color pattern changes…our group drove out for about 45 mins and then we stopped to snorkel. I touched a star fish, saw some kind of sea spider – that totally grossed me out, I was in the middle of a school of fish…I even choked and [unfortunately] swallowed nasty salty sea water…ugh. Then it was a 45 min ride back to where we started from and this time I wasn’t the driver so I got to take in the beautiful architecture of some of the homes and hotels on the water front…I saw the Mexican flag swaying back and forth –appearing to be extremely GIGANTIC…and I soaked in loads of sun –I was glad to have used sun block [on everything but my dang face!]. We stayed at Cancun Palace Resort –it was such a beautiful location…[all inclusive of course] not that any of us used the liquor taps in our rooms other than the first day we were excited to discover them LOL. I also went Zip lining, and we did a party hoppers “tour” it was just loads of fun and a much needed vacation.


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