pWrite…”Happy” weight

Good morning – or Good day maybe…I’m excited to be on a new schedule in this thing called life. I think I’m now seriously motivated to live a healthier life style…I was up at 6am out the door to go for a run by 6:20am (or so) back home by 7am – and the best part that was only the morning workout…I’m headed to the gym straight after work. This all started because the holidays along with my laziness packed on the pounds…then after that I gained 8 more pounds…I’ve lost about 14lbs…but to get to the my goal weight – which is what I weight when I first moved to the East Coast 2yrs ago is still 20 lbs away…my mother called that 20 lbs “Happy” weight – I’m sorry letting myself get thicker was not “happy” no…not one bit but she swears falling in love equates to this “happy” weight…but either way with my spring vacation approaching and the swimwear purchased…I’ve stepped it into high gear…mentally coaching myself to get up and run in the mornings. I’m excited for the progress I’ll soon get to see…I’m also in a get fit challenge with my girls who are also going on the spring vacation to see who reaches their goal by May 9th and therefore wins the money!!!!

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