You Hindered Me…

Angrily, infuriated by the
Lies the deceit, all the ways
You misrepresented yourself
With me…but you see
Maybe I too, told little white
Lies, come on don’t act surprised
You never believed in me
As you see, you were much too busy
Selling lies of a lifeless dream
Sewn at the seam by
Nothing more than
Angry frustrations of countless
Times where I believed
Your words were not
Lies, nor deceit, neither
Misrepresentations because
It was you that asked for me
It was you that got together
It was you that was the mastermind
Which is probably why
I never even saw it coming
Blinded and by the waste
Side…trailing off, falling
Short from victories
Because your lies, intertwined
With webs of deceit
Have surely entangled
Me and I am no longer
Free…for Mis-representation

***NOTE: This piece was written for Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck…this weeks theme is Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation***


5 thoughts on “You Hindered Me…

  1. Olivia says:

    I loved this one.. very well expressed! I hate to say but this is exactly how it happens 🙂
    This one was right on the face.. no pretensions..

    Hugs xoxox

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      thanks Olivia!!! the funny thing is I had to go back and read it I was in such a rush to post I just hoped I spelled everything right LOL

  2. amberhuether says:

    I really feel familiar with this. beautiful poem. came across it on a day that I needed to hear it. amazing how one writes poetry and it touches a stranger in a way you never expect.

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