Your Picture


Your picture is still in its frame
The photo of both you and I
We look so happy smiling
Looking at the camera ready
Together for a moment that
Marks part of our history

That day was the happiest day
Of your educational career
Recipient of your judicial doctorate
I stood smiling beaming with
Joy and pride for you

Your picture it still remains
In its frame the photo of both
You and i…I can’t take it down
I stare at it and shake my head
Wondering how it all came to an end

That day you said it was over
As tears streamed down my face
That day you told me there couldn’t
Be a you and me…my words seemed to
Mean nothing to you

Your picture still in its frame
It sits upon my desk, holding
Both me and you…before you walked
Away from me, leaving me with
Tears, saddened…I relive & relive
That moment and still your back I see


4 thoughts on “Your Picture

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      thanks – life has it’s ups and downs sometimes – hopefully when the downs occur we are able to rise up stronger and wiser than before we went through the hard times…

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