Peachee Plates ~ Wk 1

Welcome to Peachee Plates!!! I am so happy that you decided to join me in viewing my very first recipe post. As many of my frequent readers know I love love love to cook and as we kicked off the celebration to 10k hits last week I’m very excited about this post!

Ingredients list
• 1/2 package of ground Italian sausage
• 1/3 package of Turkey Kielbasa [sausage]
• 1 can of Hunts diced tomatoes
• 1/3 Orange Bell Pepper
• Green Onion
• 1 bag of Fresh baby spinach
• Spray Olive Oil [Pam]

This particular recipe is for a serving size of 3 as is the calorie breakdown, but if you decided to not half or third any of the ingredients this could possibly serve 6-8 people.

Serving size: 3
Calories: [check back for update]

Prep Work:

• Rinse all fresh veggies
• Dice/Slice
o Bell Pepper, Green Onion, Asparagus and Turkey Kielbasa

Use a deep skillet and turn on to medium-low heat, add half the pack of the Ground Italian Sausage. Next you will take 1/3 of the Turkey Kielbasa dice it up or slice it up any way you’d like and toss it in the skillet with the Ground Italian Sausage. It’s my preference to char the sausage a tad because I enjoy that “I’m burnt” a little flavor. As the meat becomes DONE lower the heat, toss your Green Onions in [stir and let simmer].

In a smaller skillet on low-medium heat spray with Olive Oil [Pam] then toss in the Asparagus and Bell Pepper [cook to taste] likely only needs to be cooked for 3-5 minutes to avoid extreme mushy-ness then toss it into the skillet with the Sausage.

Now take your can of Diced Tomatoes and add it on top of your Sausage and Green Onion, Asparagus and Bell Pepper, add some seasoning/spices [to your liking] stir and just let it simmer (occasionally stirring).

Grab your bag of Fresh Baby Spinach and since there are barely any calories in spinach you can use as much or as little as you want but think like your making a salad.

Now take your “THE NO ANTI-PASTA [no pasta] SALAD” and add a few spoonfuls atop your plate of Spinach…If you don’t eat meat please substitute with your favorite veggies that you love cooked! You must use the diced canned tomatoes as it keeps the spinach from welting and acts as a surprisingly tasty salad “dressing” ENJOY!

Enjoy your Peachee Plate! Come back next week for another recipe.


2 thoughts on “Peachee Plates ~ Wk 1

  1. blulightz says:

    LMAO… gon’ wit yo bad self! U know i have a similar blog concept right? i haven’t been paying it as much attention to it as i should tho… hmmm i tell u about this Libra mind stuff… I’m gonna give this recipe a shot tho… i don’t measure stuff so u will just see the end result of my cooking lol.

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