What an exhausting day today was…well I did get on a red eye to come back the far right coast…and because I’m crazy on some level I did not take the day off from work (can’t un-necessarily waste PTO) so I drove home, showered and headed out for work…once I got home I was tired but couldn’t fall straight asleep…but I didn’t try and resort to the TV all is good…I’ve not been back in the gym yet since I’ve been home…but I’m back on the grind starting this weekend…can’t believe Ieft my weight gloves in my cousins’ car… what can you do…LOL I can’t wait to get into the gym and do the stuff my cousin had me doing when she and I worked out together…makes the weights seem less intimidating and spicing up my 5 day a week work outs…man…I have to increase my gym time…this will be a challenge in the beginning but Healthy Heart and body is the mission! Onward we go!


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