Well today was my last day…I had to say good by to my lil’ Lady Bug and now I’m sad…for I traded her heavenly baby scent for that of an over exposed neatly stacked and produced structure that tens times tens of thousands of people travel in and out of…life I put on pause and life I must return for there is work much work to be done…so I wanted to turn the TV on during the plane ride and politely turned to Nickelodeon and felt awful and programed the music which meant I wasn’t sleep before take off…& I pre-ordered a Ginger Ale for my tummy sometimes despises the high rises to thousands of feet in the air and they marked my order complete but didn’t not give me my drink so I ordered again to be disrupted in my slumber when the lady brought it near…and just think I traded this for the heavenly scent of my Lady Bugs Hemisphere…and again…#thatISall

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