Happy Ash Wednesday! And MOST importantly praise God for all of you out there that participate in the Lenten Season – (Catholic or not).  This is probably my 8th or 9th year practicing lent. One of the things that I decided to give up is [regular] Television.  Which let me tell you is some kind of bummer as I’m writing this on a 5 ½ hour flight on Virgin America Airlines – which is an airlines with TVs!!! So what have I been doing?

Since my flight left early morning and I’d been up since 4:30 am I decided to nap…while listening to music via the monitor they provided…so after my 3 hour nap I was sitting here listening to much when I realized I was staring at someone else’s television screen in a seat diagonal from mine…SMH when I realized I was staring [at I don’t even know what he was watching] I decided it was time to pull out my trusty MacBook and start doing some blog prep.

Today is quite a day! The Kick off of the Peacheeee Celebration to 10,000 HITS! The start of Lent! And the day I meet my new niece for the first time so maybe I need a better word than EXCITED!!! However, there comes some worry in the fact that I know my sister has not given up TV for Lent and I will have to find a place of solace and no Television to do some blogging or reading….or something other than watch TV…aka IDIOT BOX –

Unless my sister wants to kick it and watch a documentary or two with me cuz that’s the only exception to the rule—I made this exception because while I am definitely giving up TV so that I can use my extra time more wisely I think documentaries are educational and I hardly watch them when the alternative is Nick @ Nite!

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