My Hero (Monday Poetry Potluck)

She stands tall, her stature
a sight for everyone that
sees, not too tall, not so
small, but bright is her
smile, compassionate with
care, kindness and sincere
but as day turns to night
she’s ready to fight, the little
peoples’ hero, she battles
crime until the dawn
with comic books, crazed,
her cartoon was more
than a little girl phase
as each young girl, grows
no longer young, just grown
she still lives with, each
of them, their hero
forever and all the day long.

**Note: This week’s theme is cartoons, sci-fi and super heroes**


21 thoughts on “My Hero (Monday Poetry Potluck)

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  2. Scent of my heart says:

    We all carry our little heroes with us ..after all they gives sometimes power to face the dark in the night and the light in the day .. Nice one!

  3. Kavita says:

    Oh yes… this is so true!! I too carry my super heroes with me even now… at least in mind, if not in person… And my super hero has never let me down… yaaayyy.. I am beginning to believe she is a part of me! 🙂
    I liked your poem a lot, my friend… it really spoke to me!!!

  4. The Reason You Come says:

    One definition of a hero is someone who fights for those who can’t fight for the underdogs. We mistakenly think that this requires superpowers, but it really doesn’t. There are people in this world who, without using any kind of power, stand up for those who need their help. This piece is truly an apt tribute to them.

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