We all want happiness, right? I came across a script I want to share with you all… “a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Proverbs 13:19 –what a beautiful scripture that is…I found this little love book and I was looking through the pages and stopped when I came across the page discussing the 7 requirements for happiness.  As I read them I thought wow I want all those things and all those things definitely make me happy – so I’m now sharing them with you wishing you happiness in the attainment of these 7 things.

According to Mark & Debra Laser there are 7 requirements for happiness

The Seven Universal Desires (in which God created us with):

1.       The desire to be heard and understood

2.       The desire to be affirmed

3.       The desire to be blessed

4.       The desire to be safe

5.       The desire to be touched

6.       The desire to be chosen

7.       The desire to be included

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…


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