Friends (Week 38 Thursday Rally)

I miss my friends
the great times, the good
times, the laughs, the cries
discoveries of social clubs
personified by each one
different persons life

I miss my friends, through
songs sung and rhymes
put with rhythms, creating
hooks, blazing versus
naming Phoreses Fields-

I miss my firneds
sharing coconuts, tripping
off this matrix called life
while few enjoy the
fat joys that pizza brings

I miss my friends
toppings of our
talents, we leave
behind, as we
build monuments
touching hearts
showing mankind

I miss my friends.

13 thoughts on “Friends (Week 38 Thursday Rally)

  1. Jingle says:

    we miss you,

    what a divine piece for friendship.
    You rock.

    please visit entries starting your own, go back up to support those latest entries.

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      Thanks Jingle!! I will definitely begin to check out everyone’s links! Cheers to you too thanks for you time! I’ve missed you all too!

    • Ms. Peaches says:

      I know that only you can truly be on my entire wave length on this cuz you were there through it all!! Man, IDK when I will see you again but it will be in 2011!!!

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