It is Coltrane Challenge by “Mystic Mountain” day 6 I’ve decided to do some research on John Coltrane – seeing that I’ve been listening all week maybe I should educate myself a little more on this amazing artist.  I’ll tell you all what I’ve learned in tomorrow’s ¡pWrite.  Anyway I’ve decided I must give up Starbucks…probably not forever but no more Starbucks…I gave up Starbucks last year during lent…now I’m just giving it up…too much sugar temptation with my iced coffee and vanilla sryup…which really I do not need so bye bye Starbucks I’ll miss you but I don’t need you I’ll still want you but you’re not worth me…I’ll miss you but it’s not forever the sad thing is you will not miss me too…LOL

God Bless

Ms. Peaches…

One thought on “¡pWrite…Starbucks

  1. Marlee-I Mystic says:

    Oh yay! This excites me! I can’t wait to hear about your research, I wonder if you will find any information that is new to me.

    And on the no Starbucks, that is always a good fast to take every now and then

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